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The Item Card



Visualize all of your item's information in one central place within an item's Updates Section with the Item Card! This awesome feature works by gathering data from your item's columns and displaying it in the form of a card, saving you time and giving you visibility into all of the relevant data about your item. 


Set up the Item Card

You will find the Item Card in the Item View Center. To get there, open up the Updates Section for any item and click on "Add View". Locate the Item Card within the Item Views Center and select "Add to item" to get started.




Once you've added the Item Card onto your item, it will appear as a new tab in your Updates Section:



Note: Please note that viewers within the account will not be able to load/view item cards because the app pulls info from our GraphqlAPI - which viewers do not have permissions for. 


Customize the Item Card

The Item Card can be fully customized to display the exact item information that you need! To open up the Item Card settings, click on the three-dot menu located on the upper right of the card and select settings.




Once in the Item Card settings, you will see a list of the columns on your board. Choose the columns you'd like to display on the card by ticking the boxes or un-tick the box to remove a given column. 




Add additional widgets

The Item Card works by gathering the data from your columns and the Emails & Activities app and displaying it in a simple, yet robust card view. You can add different components to the Item Card by adding additional widgets, which we have a variety to choose from.

If you click on the blue "Add widget" button, you will see a list of widget options currently available to you:




Click on the name of the widget you would like to use, and a dynamic widget block will be added to your Item Card. For more information on what widgets are available and how they can support your work, read on!


Available widget types

1. Information

The information widget is the core of the Item Card. This is the default widget that loads when you add the Item Card. With this widget, you can view all of the columns on your board at a glance. 




2. Text

With this option, you can add a widget that shows all of the Text Column fields on your item. To choose the columns displayed in this widget, click on the eye icon in the top right corner of the widget and tick the boxes for the columns you would like to display.




3. Connected boards

If you have a Connect Boards column on your board, you can add a Connect Boards Widget to view the items connected from other boards. When you add this widget, it will say "No connected boards were chosen". To choose a connected board, click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the widget and select "Settings" and tick the box next to the board(s) you want to display.



There is a limitation for the amount of connected items we can return in the Connected Boards widget. As such, in the Connect Boards Widget, there is a limit of 100 connected items that can/will be returned in the widget.


Note: For monday CRM and monday dev, the Connect Boards widget is being deprecated and will be replaced by the Table Widget to provide a more clear and organized view of your connected items. When adding a new widget to view connected boards, you will find the Table Widget under "Explore more views". 


4. Subitems

Add this widget to view the item's subitems on the Item Card. You can also edit the information in your subitems' columns using this widget.




5. Emails & Activities

If you haven't discovered it yet, the Emails & Activities app is a powerful way to manage all of your CRM activities and communication in one place. If you add the widget to your board, you won't need to switch tabs to use the app.




6. Git UI

Available only on the monday dev product, the GitHub UI app allows you to preview data from your GitHub repositories and show all of your GitHub branches, commits, pull requests, and the CI/CD status for every one of your development tasks, right in your Item Card!


Note: For users of other monday.com products such as monday CRM and monday dev, there is an extended list of widgets available on the item level. Click on "Explore more views" from within the Item Card to discover all the available widgets 🎉


Organize your widgets

The structure of your Item Card is entirely flexible! To adjust the size of any widget on your item card, simply hover over it and then use the blue dot in the lower right corner to adjust its size. You can also arrange the widgets in any way that suits you! Hover over the widget and select the handlebar in the top left corner to drag the widget to a new position in the card.




The widgets you add and how you arrange them will apply to every Item Card on the board. 


Note: For now, the order of the columns within a widget will reflect the order of the columns on your board. While it currently is not possible to rearrange the columns within a widget, we are working to make this possible. Stay tuned! 


Voilà! We hope you feel empowered by your custom Item Card. 🎉 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.