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WorkForms settings and permissions



Now that you have created and designed your WorkForm to your hearts content, it's time to get into the nitty gritty of the settings and permissions for sharing.

Through the customizable settings and permissions, you will find everything you need to secure your form, and enhance the responders experience when filling out your form ✍️ 


Adjust your WorkForm settings

To access your WorkForms settings, select the "Edit form" button in the top left-hand corner of your form view.

WorkForms- Edit form button.png


From the "Customize" tab at the top of your form you can adjust the design of the submission, and the sync settings with your monday.com board.

  • Welcome screen

You can choose to add and customize a welcome screen on your form, for submitters to begin their journey in completing your WorkForm.

WorkForms Welcome Screen New.gif


  • Submission View

In the "Submission View" section, you'll be able to customize the submission button with text of your choice! You can also choose to hide WorkForm branding from your finalized form.

WorkForms Submission View New.gif


  • Thank you screen

In the "Thank you screen" tab you can customize the title text and description of the submission! You can also allow for redirection to a new URL after submission, add a resubmit button for multiple submissions and choose whether to hide the success image or not. 

WorkForms Thank You Screen New.gif


In the "monday.com settings" section, you can customize the way in which your form is connected to your monday.com board.

Firstly, you can choose whether the "name" and "update" questions will appear on your form. The "name" question will include the board's first column within the form which is commonly used to capture names, and the "update" question allows you to collect free-form text which will be added to the updates section of an item.

WorkForms mondy.com Settings New.png


You can then choose to sync the questions on your form with the column titles on your monday.com board, as well as define which group the answers from your form will go to within your board. Lastly, you can select whether you'd like to allow the form submissions to create new items on your board.

WorkForms monday.com Settings New.gif


Set permissions for your WorkForm

To ensure that your form is up to your team's security standards, you can set up various form restrictions from within the "Customize" tab, under "Form Restrictions".


We offer the option to add reCAPTCHA onto your form, which will require the submitter to select a box before submitting the form, to prevent fraudulent form responses.

WorkForms Form Restrictions New.png


  • Require log in

You can choose to make logging into your monday.com account a requirement in order to access the form. This will restrict the ability to fill out the form to team members only. Once you've selected "Require submitters to log in" you will also have the option to choose the "Redirect to login page" which will automatically redirect the submitter to login to monday.com, if they are not already logged in.

WorkForms Form Restrictions New.gif


  • Make the form anonymous

By selecting to "Make this form anonymous", all submitters identities will be withheld. This is a useful setting when dealing with personal or sensitive matters to ensure the submitter feels comfortable filling out your form, knowing their identity will be omitted.

WorkForms Anonymous Setting New.png


  • Close submissions date

You can select a specific date on which submissions will automatically stop. This allows you to control when submissions are coming in, and place a deadline for submitters to fill out the form. As an example, if your form is in preparation for an event, the close date allows you time to ensure you are prepared between form submissions and the event itself.

WorkForms Close Date New.gif


  • Set a response limit

A response limit is a useful tool when you are only requiring a certain amount of responses, or when you have a max capacity to work with. To set a response limit, click on the checkbox next to "Set Response Limit", and enter the desired number of responses in the Response Limit field.

WorkForms Response Limit.png


  • Enable password protection

To ensure that your form is only accessible by specific people, you can enable password protection which will require submitters to input a password in order to gain access to the form. 

WokForms- Password Protect.gif


Account level permissions

There are additional permissions available on an account level that can be set using your monday.com account alongside your WorkForms settings, to enable specific questions and features to form submitters.


  • The People Column in WorkForms

The people column enables the form submitter to specify which member of the account is related to the submission and is very useful for any request type use cases. For the People Column question, you will be prompted to restrict the form access to account members only, in order to display the question.

WorkForms Restrict Access New.png

Furthermore, if the board or workspace on your monday.com account is private or shareable, the dropdown menu will only display members of that board/workspace. However, with a public setting, the dropdown menu will display all members of the account. Read about the different board types on monday.com and how to change them.


In order to allow the People Column question in your form to be public, and therefore accessible to those outside of your account, you will need to change permission settings within the administration section of your account.

Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and select "Administration". Choose "Customization" in the left-hand panel, and then "Features" at the top of the page. Scroll down to the section "Enable your public account forms to use questions with your account data" and select "Enable". 

WorkForms Settings- Public settings.gif


Note: The enablement of the admin setting for the People Question will allow users to assign people in public forms. User information such as names, titles, and photos may be accessible to external people filling out such forms.


  • File upload permissions on monday.com

In WorkForms you can add a "Upload file" question, which will allow submitters to upload a file to their form. If the monday.com account level permission for files upload and download is enabled, the submitter will not be able to submit a form if they have the file question on the form and no permission to upload.

To check your file settings, go to the Administration page on your monday.com account, by selecting your profile picture on the top right-hand side of your page. From there, select "Permissions" and see if the file permission is granted to both guests and members.WorkForms Upload File Permissions New.gif


Note: Users on the account who have been granted "Viewer" permissions will not have access to upload a file. It should also be noted that Guests on the account can only edit forms that they have created. 



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.