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Visualizations can help you to see the bigger picture of your project, and with WorkCanvas we mean this quite literally 😉

Whether you're creating diagrams, mind-maps, and retrospectives for your project, or want to use a creative tool for team-building and workshopping. WorkCanvas is a one-stop product for all your creative needs.


Note: All WorkCanvas creations can be deleted directly from the home page. In the event of wanting to retrieve the deleted data, our team can restore your deleted items. Alternatively, upon request, users can have hard deletion of data to ensure their permanent removal.  


Understanding your Toolbar

The Toolbar sits on the left-hand side of your canvas. From here you will find all the tools you require to build, organize and communicate on your canvas. Hover over the tool icon to see what it does, and click on the icon to select the tool for use. 

Canvas Toolbar Overview.gif


The Select tool

By using the "Select" icon you can click on any item or frame, which will open up a menu with options to edit that item. Examples of editing functions from here include choosing the color of the item, editing text style, hiding the frame, leaving a comment, and more! 

Canvas Select Tool.gif

The Select tool also allows you to move items around the canvas or within a frame to position them to suit your needs.


Note: Editing options that appear with the select tool differ depending on what you are selecting. For example, the editing menu for a shape and a frame are different in terms of their editing options. 


The Move tool

The Move tool allows you to navigate around your canvas, moving the view to what you'd like to see. You can also zoom in or out of your canvas, using the zoom option in the bottom right-hand corner of your canvas to either hone in on a frame, or see your canvas as a whole.

Canvas Move Tool 2.gif


Tip: The Move tool only allows you to view the different areas of your canvas. To move a specific frame or item you can use the Select tool.


The Template tool

You can add WorkCanvas templates either from your home page in the "Template library", or use the Template tool within your canvas, from the the toolbar. You can search for a template using the search bar at the top of the template centre. By clicking on a template you can choose to either "Preview" that template, or choose to "Use Template".

Once you've selected the template you'd like to use, select the area on your canvas you'd like to input the template, click on that specific spot on your canvas and adjust the size of the template to suit your visual layout needs.

Canvas Template Tool.gif


The Text tool

By selecting the Text icon in your toolbar, you can add a text box anywhere you like on your canvas. By clicking on the text box, you can adjust its size, placement and content. Through the edit menu that appears with the text box, you can change the color and style of the text. By clicking on the three dots on the menu, you will find more editing options.

Canvas Text tool .gif


The Sticky Note tool

Sticky Notes are a great way to add additional content to your visuals, keeping a clean and organized aesthetic. Drag and draw the Sticky Note anywhere on your canvas. Click inside the note and begin typing to add text.

Using the edit menu that appears when you select the Sticky Note, you can customize the color and size of your notes individually, or group them together to edit multiple Sticky Notes at once!

Canvas Sticky Note tool .gif


Note: Selecting the "Lock" icon from the edit menu, on any of the tools, will allow you to restrict any edits being made to that item. To allow edits again, you can easily unlock the item by selecting the "Lock" icon once again.


The Shape tool

Additional to the wide variety of templates to choose from, you can utilize the Shape tool to create your own quick diagrams and visuals, or even add shapes to bolster your templates! Drag and draw the shape of your choosing anywhere on your canvas. You can then edit the color, outline, and text of the shape with the edit menu.

WC- Shape Options New.gif


Note: See the section below on Connectors to learn how to connect your shapes to build diagrams and flow charts.


Tip: By selecting the shape option on the edit menu, you can change the shape you chose for a different shape, making it easily customizable! 


The Connector tool

On WorkCanvas, its all about connections! The Connector tool allows you to link items to build on ideas, create flow, and give items further context. Once connected, items can be dragged around the canvas without disconnecting.

To add a connector, select the "Connector" tool from the Toolbar, click on one item and drag the connector to the second item you are attaching it to.

Canvas Connectors.gif


You can also add text to each connector to label the link between the two items. To add your text, click on the connector's line and type in the text-box that appears. You can edit the text using the edit menu that appears.

Canvas Connector Text.png


Tip: For an even faster way to create connectors, you can click on one of the circles that appear on the border of an item when you select it. A connector will be created automatically, and you can drag the connector to the desired second item, to connect them.


The Mind Map tool

The Mind Map tool is useful in generating your own vertical or horizontal mind map on your canvas to visualize structure and flows. To add and build your mind map, select the Mind Map tool from the toolbar and click anywhere on your canvas to insert the starting centre node.

From the centre node, you can begin building your mind map either vertically or horizontally by choosing its direction from the menu bar. To add a new node, click on the "+" icon on the previous node.

Canvas Mindmap Tool 1.gif


You can also split branches, to build out your mind map more broadly. To split a branch select the "+" at the base of the branch, by the previous node. To delete a node, simply select the node, click on the three dots on the menu bar, and select "delete".

Canvas Mindmap Tool 2.gif


Tip: You can change the color of your mind map branches by selecting the color icon on the menu bar that appears when you select that node. From this menu bar you can also format the text from the "T" icon, and find more editing options by selecting the three dots.


The Pen tool

Ready to further your creative flare? With the Pen tool, you can write or draw on your canvas with a simple click and scroll. Select the Pen tool from the toolbar, and click to draw anywhere on your canvas. You can change the color and width of your lines, group your drawings together and more, via the menu bar.

Canvas Pen Tool.gif


The Tasks tool

To assign a task, click on the "Task" icon in the Toolbar, and then on the area of your canvas you would like to insert the task. By selecting the expand arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the task, you can title, describe and assign the task to a team member.

Canvas Assign Task.gif


Tip: You can utilize the clock icon at the bottom left corner of your canvas to time tasks or any action being done on the canvas. This is a very useful feature to use during workshops and team building activities.


The Comment tool

Another effective way to communicate with your team on the canvas is to utilize the Comment tool. By selecting any item on the canvas, you can leave a comment attached to that item for either the whole team to see, or mention specific teammates.

To add a comment, click on the Comment tool on your toolbar. From there you can type your comment in the text-box and type "@" to bring up a list of teammates to tag in the comment.

Canvas Comment Tool.png


Note: See our Team collaboration with WorkCanvas article to learn more about the various tools and functions for communicating with your team


The Image tool

With the Image tool, you can easily upload images from your computer to your canvas. Click on the image icon, a box will appear that allows you to drag and drop an image from your computer, or browse your files for the image you are looking for.

Canvas Insert Image.png


Tip: Images can be linked via URL to a website or monday.com board so that references can be made to other platforms for further information or details. To embed a link, select the three dots on the edit menu, and select "Link". You can then input a URL of your choice.


The Frame tool

Frames are a great way of keeping your canvas organized. A frame allows you to create a boundary around an item on your canvas. Each frame can be titled, so that you can navigate your canvas easily and effectively. Once a frame is created around an item, you can move the frame around your canvas, and the items inside will remain within the frame.

To add a frame, select the Frame icon on the toolbar and draw the fame on your canvas, either around an existing item, or within an open space.

Canvas Frame Tool.gif

You can adjust the size and shape of the frame by using the blue squares around the frame's edge. By clicking on the frame, an editing menu will appear with options to change the color of the frame, hide the frame, make a comment or lock the frame. By selecting the three dots on the left of the editing menu, you will find further options, including an option to delete the frame.


Note: In order to move a frame around your canvas, you will need to use the Select tool, click on the frame and drag it to your desired position.


Tip: The "Lock" option is a great way to ensure that objects on your canvas cannot be edited or moved while you build your imagery. This is a great tool to use if you're creating backgrounds for your frames 😍


By utilizing the Sidebar icon at the bottom left-hand corner of your canvas, you can view all the frames on your canvas, and easily jump from one to the next. From here you can also rename your frame by clicking on the existing name and editing it, or change the order by dragging and dropping the frame name from within the Sidebar.

Canvas Frames in Toolbar.gif


Tip: You can draw frames within other frames and name them accordingly. This can help hone in on certain information and aspects of the items within a frame.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.