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Managing a sales team is nothing short of challenging. In addition to keeping your contacts neat and organized, you also need to make sure that your leads are being assigned in time and that your sales pipeline is flowing. For your sales team to perform at their absolute best, you need an impeccable sales process.

With the monday CRM product, your life is about to get a whole lot easier! monday CRM is fully customizable to fit your exact needs. Let's dive in!

Note: The core boards and columns of monday CRM are essential to the product's workflow and therefore are unable to be deleted or duplicated. Click here for more information. 


Install monday CRM

If you don't have a monday.com account yet, you can sign up for a new account through our homepage. After sign up, you'll be directed to the first board in your account.

Once in your account, click on the switcher at the top left of your screen. The switcher is the icon made up of nine-dots in the form of a square. From there, click "Explore more products" to enter the Product store:


In the Product store, find monday CRM. Click the "Explore product" button. Then click the "Try for free" button. This will install monday CRM on your account:

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For detailed instructions on installing monday CRM, check out the How to install monday CRM article. ⚡️


Import your leads

The very first step of this workflow is to import your leads into your leads board. Leads can be imported in multiple ways: 

Show me how to import leads
  • They can be added manually
  • They can be automatically added through a monday form
  • They can be imported from other tools - Excel or Google Sheets for example
  • They can be added automatically through integrations with specific tools such as Facebook, Hubspot, Pipedrive.


Qualify your leads 

Once your leads have been imported to your leads board, your sales representatives will be able to reach out to them and define whether they are qualified or unqualified.


Once your sales representatives have determined that a lead is qualified, they can change the lead's status to "Qualified" and click on the "Move to contacts" button in the "Create a contact" column. The lead will be moved automatically to your Contacts board. 

You can also add the lead to your Deals board and Accounts board. We will cover how to do that below.


Manage your contacts 

Once your lead is qualified and you click on the "Move to contacts" button, it will be automatically added to your Contacts board. Here, we've also manually added this lead to the accounts board allowing you to get a clear overview of all of your accounts.

Tip: To avoid adding the lead manually to your board, you can also set up automations.

We've set up a Connect Boards Column to link both Contacts and Accounts boards. Once a new contact is created, you can select the account associated with it. 


From the Accounts board, you will be able to see how many contacts are associated with each company. 

Note: You can use one single board to manage both contacts and accounts if you wish, this is totally up to you and to your workflow. Remember, everything is fully customizable to fit your needs. 


Monitor your deals

Let's recap: once a lead is qualified, it can be automatically added to your Contacts board. You can also manually add the lead to your Accounts board and to your Deals board. With this board, you have the power to track the progress of every deal your sales team is currently working on. Now you can spot where each deal stands in the sales cycle at a glance.

Thanks to the built-in Connect Boards Columns, we've linked our Contacts and Accounts boards. This allows us to see the details associated with our deals in one central location.


Tip: You can easily customize the currency of your deals column by clicking on the column settings. Check out this article for more information. 




Furthermore, to easily visualize the progression of your deal, try using the Deal Stages widget! Using this, you can track the different stages of your leads and deals in a visual, comprehensive, and interactive way. 


Tip: Looking to use monday CRM on your mobile phone? You can learn all about how to do this here!



Oversee your client's data

At monday.com, we love making your life easier. This is why we created the Item Card overview tab. This tab is already set up for you on your boards. If you click on any of your deals (or leads), you will see everything you need to know in one easy-to-navigate view! 


On this tab we've combined various widgets allowing you to see all aspects of your customer's information in one place.

Learn more about our suggested widgets
  • The Item Card widget displays all the information from your board into an easy-to-digest card. Say goodbye to endless scrolling through columns to find what you are looking for!
  • With the Email & Activities widget, you can stay on track and manage of all your communications and meetings.
  • The Connected Boards widget is another useful widget allowing to display data from any other boards without switching back and forth between boards. 

Managing your information has never been easier!


Send and receive emails 

Note: This feature is available on the Standard plan and higher. 


To better communicate with your leads and accounts, use the Emails & Activities app. With this app, your team can manage hundreds of client or customer relationships within monday.com! Send and receive emails, capture meeting notes, events, and more. Then view it all in one timeline.

Keeping your communication centralized means that your team will spend less time tracking down the details for every interaction.



Track your clients' activities

Note: This feature is available on the Standard plan and above. 


Since client relationships are more than just emails, the Emails & Activities app gives you the power to keep track of client activities too! From meetings to calls and more, log each interaction to see a full timeline of events in one, concise view.

Each activity created will automatically be added to the Activities board. With all activities on one board, you can keep track of what's coming up and create reports. 


To learn more about this feature, check out the "Emails & Activities: manage your activities" article.


Generate quotes & invoices

Note: This feature is available on the Standard plan and above. 


Enhance your workflow even more by adding the Quotes & Invoices app. This will allow you to create quotes and invoices within your monday.com account and have them ready to send off to clients in no time. 



Forecast your sales 

Note: This feature is available on the Pro plan and higher. 


Projected revenue is an important data point for any sales team. An accurate forecast will help you to determine whether or not you are heading towards reaching your goals so that you can then adjust your strategy accordingly. On our Deals board, we have a Formula Column (named "Forecast Value" on the board) that calculates the forecast by multiplying the deal value and close probability. You can then use the chart view to turn your data into a visual graph.



Keep track of your KPIs

This workflow wouldn't be complete without a sales dashboard. Dashboards are a great way to display your key metrics and performance indicators in just one place. See where everything stands and make better-informed decisions. This sales dashboard we've created for you is fully customizable based on your needs. Add, delete, or change widgets to display information that matters to you and your team.


With monday CRM, you now have full control over the details of your sales cycle. And even better, you also have the big picture right at your fingertips. If you want to take your workflow a step further, check out monday CRM for Enterprise.





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.