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The Files Gallery View


With monday.com, you can easily manage all your files in one place whether you have pictures, contracts, or just simply documents. Files can be uploaded to the Files Column or the Updates Section or to the designated Files Gallery View. This view allows you to see all the files from your board in a consolidated, gallery-like view or as a widget within a Dashboard! 📋    


Add the Files Gallery View to a board

To add the Files Gallery View to your board, click on the option at the top of your board (it will say "Add View" when you hover over it) and select "Files Gallery" from the dropdown menu: 




Add the Files Gallery to a Dashboard

To add the Files Gallery widget to your Dashboard or Dashboard View, click on "+ Add widget" and select "Files Gallery":




How do I use it?

  • View in grid or list format

You have the option to view your files as thumbnails in a grid or as a list of files. Click on the "Grid" and "List" icons in the upper right corner to change between the two views:



  • Customize what files you see 

Customize the files you want to see in settings! Click on the three dot menu at the top right of your Files Gallery and select "Settings". Choose which Files columns you want showcased as well as if you want to see files from updates or just the Files Gallery, or both! 




Note: Files uploaded from an external system (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) are not supported in the Files Gallery.


What different ways can I view the Files Gallery?

You have the option to view the Files Gallery in regular, Table, or Split mode! When in full screen mode, click on the display type icon next to the settings cogwheel and select which view you'd like!




Can I download my files?

Conveniently download your files all together as a zip file or individually! Download all as a zip file by clicking on the download icon in the upper right corner of your screen. To individually download a file, click on the three dot menu located in the top right of each file and select "Download File". You can also click on the file to enlarge it and click on the download icon at the bottom of the screen.




And that's it! Seeing your files in a sleek, easy-to-use interface will really bring your workflow up a notch! 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.