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Manage your contacts with monday CRM

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Many of the features mentioned in this article are only available on monday CRM


One of the best ways to keep your sales pipeline flowing in the right direction is to make sure that your contacts are right at your fingertips, properly cataloged, and integrated with the rest of your workflow. With monday.com and our team's expert tips, that's never been easier!

Read on to learn more about the best way to begin sorting your contacts when using monday.com as your CRM. Let's dive in!


Create your Contacts board

To get started, set up a Contacts board. You can use the board from our CRM template or set up your own from scratch. On your Contacts boards, you can keep a record of all the information you need to stay in touch with your current and potential clients.

If you're starting from scratch, begin by creating a column for the following data points: email, phone, title, company, and location. Then, you can adjust the board to include any other data that you collect from your leads. If you're using monday as your CRM, we also recommend adding a Connect Boards Column for the contact's account and an additional Connect Boards Column for any deals that you may later want to attach to your contact.


Groups are a great way to split your board's information into specific categories. In this example, we've split our CRM board into three categories: 

  • New - contacts who have just opened a trial account but haven't made a purchase yet
  • Active - our active and paying customers
  • Former - contacts who we are not currently working with 



Import your leads

You likely have a leads board as well. If not, you can always create one using our Manage your leads with monday.com article as a guide. Because your contacts will likely come directly from your leads, your leads board and your contacts board should work together.

Once you have your board set up, you'll need to add or import your leads. Here are a few of our favorite ways to add or import leads:

  • They can be added manually, one item at a time.
  • They can be added automatically using a monday form.
  • They can be added automatically through integrations with Facebook, Pipedrive, Hubspot, or other tools.
  • They can be imported from tools like Excel or Google Sheets.

You can find detailed instructions on different ways to import your leads using our How to import your leads to monday.com article. This is a great resource!

A few of our tips for managing your leads with monday.com, can be found in the Manage your leads with monday.com article.


Create a contact

There are two ways to create a contact. You can generate contacts from your leads board or you can add a contact manually.


Generate from your Leads board

Once a new lead has populated your Leads board, you can easily add it to your Contacts board. If you're using the CRM templates provided by monday.com, it's as easy as clicking the "Move to contacts" button in the "Create a contact" column on your Leads board.


If you'd like to make any changes to how this button works or where it creates a new contact, hover next to the column header and click on the three-dot menu. Open the "Settings" and click on "Customize Button column" to make changes. You'll see the automation that the button triggers. If you want to edit it, click on the pencil:


As the automation indicates, by default the item will be moved from your Leads board to your Contacts board.


Use a monday WorkForm

You can collect contacts using a monday WorkForm. To add a form to your Contacts board, select the "+" to "Add View" and select "Form":

Add a form:


You can customize your form according to your preferences. You have the ability to change the text of your header, questions, buttons, and more. You can schedule a cutoff for form submissions, customize the Thank You screen after submission, and designate which group you want submission to populate within:

Untitled design (20).gif

There are many more customization options!

Once you're done setting up your form, share the link to collect your contacts. Anyone with a link to the form can access the form and fill it out. Once the form is filled out, the information is transformed into an item on your board and the data collected is filled into the relevant columns.

Learn more about WorkForms in the "All about monday WorkForms" article.


Add a contact manually

You and your team can add a contact manually. When you add a contact to your board manually, you can set up the board to populate a form with required fields for your team to fill out.

To enable the ability to create a new contact using a form, open the three-dot menu in the upper right hand corner of your board. Go to your "Board settings" and select "Enable item creation form":

Frame 1261161258 (2).png

To edit your form, open the form by creating a new item. Then, select the pencil icon:

Frame 1261161259.png

You can choose:

  • which fields are shown
  • the order that the fields are shown in
  • and which fields are mandatory

Mandatory fields will be marked with a red asterik. When the form is enabled, it isn't possible to create a new item in the usual way, by typing into a column's field on your board.

You can use a form to create new items on any board, but it's especially helpful when manually creating a new contact! This feature is only available on monday CRM.



Connect to an account

Once a new contact is created, you can link it to its relevant account on the Accounts board thanks to the Connect Boards Column


You can select the account associated with the new contact by clicking on the space in the Account column next to your contact's name. This will open up a menu that you can browse to find the correct account.


From the Accounts board, you will be able to see how many contacts are associated with each company. 

Note: You can use one single board to manage both contacts and accounts if you wish. This is totally up to you and to your workflow. Remember, everything is fully customizable to fit your needs!


Send and receive emails 

Note: This feature is available on the Standard plan and higher. 


To communicate better with your contacts, use the Emails & Activities app. With this app, your team can manage hundreds of client or customer relationships within monday.com! Send and receive emails, capture meeting notes, events, and more. Then view it all in one timeline.

Keeping your communication centralized means that your team will spend less time tracking down the details for every interaction.


Track your contacts' activities

Note: This feature is available on the Standard plan and higher. 


Since client relationships are more than just emails, the Emails & Activities app gives you the power to keep track of CRM activities too. From meetings to calls and more, log each interaction to see a full timeline of events in one concise view.

Each activity created will automatically be added to the Activities board. With all activities on one board, you can keep track of what's coming up and create reports. 


Tip: You can even take it a step further by integrating this board with your Google or Outlook calendar. When integrated, every time a meeting is created, it will also automatically be added to your Google or Outlook calendar!


Overview of your contacts' data

At monday.com, we love making your life easier. That's why we created The Item Card. If you click on any of your contacts, you will see everything you need to know in one easy-to-navigate view! 


On the Item Card, we've combined various widgets allowing you to see all aspects of your customer's information in one place:

  • The Information Widget displays every column on your board in an easy-to-digest card.
  • With the Emails & Activities Widget, you can manage all of your communication, meetings, and notes.
  • The Connected Boards Widget allows you to display data from other boards on the card without switching back and forth between boards or tabs. 

Managing your information has never been easier! For more information on setting up The Item Card, check out The Item Card article.


Add automations

Note: This feature is available on the Standard plan and higher. 


Our automations allow you to automate and streamline your workflow. The options are nearly limitless and increasing all the time. You can read more about our automations in the monday.com Automations article. 

Our suggestion? Add automations to get notified! You can create an automation that will notify you every time a new lead is added to the board or every time a new contact is created. 


Once notified, you can go ahead and assign that new lead to a sales representative or move them straight to the contacts board and manage them from there.


Everything else!

From lead capture to generating invoices when the deal is done, we've got you covered! To learn more about how you can work with your contacts and clients using monday CRM, check out our Get started with monday CRM article. 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.