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The Cards View

Looking to view all of your important item details in one, compact location? Well, you've come to the right place! We created the new Cards View with exactly this in mind, to allow you to view all your important item details in one very visual, gallery-like display.

Keep reading on to learn more on how to set this up on your board! 👇



How to add it

The Cards View can be added to any board by clicking on the "Add View" button at the top of your board and selecting "Cards" from the dropdown menu as below.



Setting up the Cards View

After adding the Cards View onto your board, it's time to customize the columns that will be displayed on them! To do so, simply click on the cog wheel at the top right and customize the following settings as you wish:

  • Cards Cover

The first setting option allows you to select a cover that will be displayed on your card. From here, you can choose to have any of your File or People Columns displayed as the main image on your card or you can opt to have no cover image at all.



  • Card Columns

Next, select the columns from your board that you'd like to have displayed directly on your Kanban cards. On ours, we chose to have the Designer, Status and Asset dimension columns shown on each card.


Note: Subitems are currently not supported as part of the Card Columns.


View all card details

If you click on any of the cards, it will open a pop-up view of that item with all of its column information. From there, you can easily view and update any item details and the changes will reflect automatically on your Main Table as well. 🙌



Edit card details

You can also edit the columns displayed on your cards without having to fully open up the pop-up view! Just click on any of the displayed columns to edit the information shown.



Add new cards

Adding additional cards to your view can be done seamlessly by selecting the blue "New Item" button at the top left of your screen. From the pop-up screen, type in the name of your new card (item), fill out the column details and then click "Add" once more. Your card will automatically show in both your Cards View and the main table of your board as a new item! 



Sort the view

To display the cards in the order that you need to see them, try adding a sort onto your Cards View! To do this, simply click on the sort button at the top of the screen and select "Add new sort". Then, choose the value that you want to sort and whether you want it to be in ascending or descending order!



Edit the view

You can rename your view at any time by opening the views drop-down menu, clicking on the menu beside your view's current name, and selecting "Rename". Then, you can simply type in the view's new name! This can be really helpful for when you have more than one Cards View on your board.


Tip:  You can also use this menu to delete, duplicate, or set the view as your default view! 


Display settings

Looking to use your Cards View and your Main Table simultaneously? You can view them together using the Split View! In your settings panel, you can click "Split View" to view your Cards View above your Main Table, and click "Fullscreen View" to see only your Cards View. 



Filter your view

And finally, if you're looking to zoom in on specific information within your Cards View, try adding a Filter to it! In our case, we wanted to see all digital assets in which Noy is the designer and that have the status of "Live". We simply clicked on the filter button, chose these parameters, and now only the relevant cards will be displayed!



That's all for now! We hope you enjoy using our Cards View for a consolidated display of all the important information that you need for the items on your board. 🤗


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!