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Integrate WorkCanvas with your monday boards



With your WorkCanvas account being linked to your monday.com account, the opportunities are endless in terms of collaborating with your team, staying organized, and maintaining productivity across the two platforms.

With this integration, all users who have active monday.com accounts and boards will be able to create a two-way sync between their monday boards and WorkCanvases 🤩


Accessing WorkCanvas within monday

From within your monday.com account you can easily toggle between the two products. Click on the switcher at the top left of your screen. The switcher is the icon made up of nine-dots in the form of a square. A dropdown menu will appear with all your linked products, from which you can select "WorkCanvas"

Canvas Add from monday New.png


Note: If you do not yet have a WorkCanvas account, read our article on billing and pricing to learn more about creating a WorkCanvas account.


You will be redirected directly to your WorkCanvas account. You can then begin your WorkCanvas journey by creating a new canvas or continue working on existing canvases from within your homepage. WC- Access from monday.gif


Note: For information on using WorkCanvas, read our article on getting started with WorkCanvas


The two-way sync 

The two-way sync will enable users to select boards, items ,and subitems to drag and drop into their canvas. To add a board or item to your WorkCanvas, click on the monday icon at the bottom of the toolbar, within the canvas you are working on. A dropdown menu with all your available boards will appear. Select the board you wish to import and drag and drop the items of your choice into the canvas.

WorkCanvas- monday Integration.gif

Note: When selecting a Private board from your monday.com account, you will receive a notification indicating that the items you are connecting to the canvas will be available for viewing by anyone who has access to that specific canvas


By clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of your item card, you can see more information on the item from your connected board. You can also select the edit icon on the card to select what information you would like to display.

WorkCanvas- monday item card.gif

Note: The supported columns available in the two-way sync are the Text Column, Status Column, Date Column, and the Item name. 


Create items on your Canvas

You can also easily change any shape, sticky note or text-box into a board item, making your Canvas a great tool to stay organized. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the shape, and select "Create monday item". 

WC- Turn shapes into items #1.gif


From there you can choose to turn your shape into either an "Item" or "Subitem" on a board. 

WC- Turn shape into item #2.png

Once you've selected the type of item you would like to create, you will be directed to choose which board to sync this item to. Select the dropdown arrow to the right of "monday board" and select one of your boards from the list. You will then be prompted to select the group and column details for this item. 

WC- Turn shapes into items #3.gif

Click the blue "Create item" button, and voila, your item will be added to your board ✨

Note: Only a text-box, sticky-note, or shape with text can be turned into a monday board item. 


Stack your items

By selecting the "Card stack" icon at the bottom of your toolbar, on the left-hand side of your canvas, there are two stack options you can utilize.

  • Task stack

 By selecting "Task stack", you can stack multiple item cards from your connected boards to keep them succinct and categorized. To reorder them, simply drag and drop them in the order of your choosing.

WorkCanvas- stack cards.gif
  • Synced stack 

The Synced stack option allows you to filter items from you board onto your canvas based on the value of the column. Any changes made to items in that column on your board will automatically remove or add items to your stack, based on your value settings. 

Click on the drop-down arrow next to "Live view", and select the board you would like to sync your stack to, as well as the column, and value you would like to use to filter the items. 

WC- Sync Stack .gif

Note: The two way sync will ensure that all changes made to a board or item in WorkCanvas reflects in your monday account, and vice versa.


Tip: You can add multiple columns and values to filter your items by clicking on the "+" icon next to the "Value" box. 


WorkCanvas synced templates 

Starting from scratch and want to create an intuitive monday.com<>WorkCanvas workflow? Done ✅ WorkCanvas premade synced templates will automatically create a board on your monday.com account with a logical connection to your canvas. 

You will find all available synced templates under the "Synced Templates" tab on the left of the template centre. 

WC- Synced Templates.png


Once you have added the template to your canvas, the board items will appear both on the canvas, as well as in the monday.com integration bar to the left of the canvas. By clicking on the name of the board, at the top of the item card, you will be redirected straight to the newly created monday.com board. 

WC- Sync Template.gif

You can then edit items both on the board and on your canvas, and the item will update accordingly in both spaces 🤩


WorkCanvas as a widget

You can also embed your WorkCanvas into a monday.com dashboard, so that all your creative visual can be seen within your monday.com account!

To embed a WorkCanvas widget on a board, go the board and create a new view by clicking on the "+" icon in the tabs next to your board views. Select "Blank View" from the dropdown menu.

Add Blank Board View.png

Once the blank view has opened, select the "Add Widget" button at the top of the view. Search for the "Embed everything" widget and add the widget to your dashboard. Once added, select the "Add a site" button and paste the URL from your WorkCanvas in the "Paste your link here" text-box to the right of the screen. Close the window with the "x" in the top right-hand corner.

Canvas Embed in monday Widget (1).gif


Drag the widget from the blue circle in the bottom right-hand corner of the widget to resize it, to suit your visual needs. You can then move around your canvas and make edits right there within the widget!

Canvas Embed edit monday Widget.gif

Note: The same actions can be replicated when adding a widget to a dashboard as apposed to a board view.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.