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The board views

At monday.com, we love to make everything visual: colors, graphs, shapes, and more! For this reason, we came up with the amazing board views. The board views allow you to visualize your board's information in multiple different ways in order to analyze and report on your board data.  📊 📈 📉    


How to add a view 

To add a board view, press on "Add View" at the top left of your board screen. From the resulting  menu, you can select a view under "Dashboard Views," "Other Views," or enter the full views center by clicking on "More views" as seen below:     


Clicking on "More views" will direct you to our Views Center where you can find all of the useful views options that we have to offer!Screen_Shot_2021-10-27_at_12.01_1__1_.pngTo add a view to your board, click on "Add to board". You can also vote for your favorite view by clicking on the heart located at the bottom ❤️ 


Two Types of Views

You now have the option to view your board via Dashboard views or Board views. Dashboard views are views that allow you to create a report using widgets connected to one board. Board views are views that allow you to visualize your data. 🎉 


Dashboard View

Once a Dashboard view is added, you can add as many other widgets as you'd like from the Widgets Center to create an actual Dashboard within your main board! Dashboard views allow you to create reports using widgets connected to one board 🤩 



Our four Dashboard views are the Chart, Gantt, Calendar, Workload, and Timeline views. ⬇️

Chart View

Our Chart View allows you to create various reports for a specific board using different chart types. It's a great way to get analytics about your workflow! Check out this article for more information!


The Gantt View

The Gantt view turns the data from your board into a functional Gantt-style chart. This view is flexible, responsive, and visually displays milestones and dependencies between items to help provide you with a clear overview of your project and its associated tasks. To learn all about this incredible feature, check out this article!


The Calendar View

The calendar view allows you to visualize all your tasks that have a date/timeline column in a calendar. You can customize your calendar view by day, week or month. Check out this article to learn more about it. 


The Workload View

Add the workload view to your board and get a clear overview of how your team's work is divided! You can see in one glance who is over capacity and assign upcoming tasks accordingly. Check out this article to learn more!


The Timeline View

The Timeline View gives you a visual representation of the dates and timelines of your ongoing projects. It allows you to see in a glance just how long you and your team have to complete a task or project in order to plan accordingly. Check out this article to learn more about it!


Board Views

The Table View

The Table view gives you the option to see a filtered view of the main table of your board. For instance, you can filter by person, status, column, or group. This can help hide certain information that is not relevant for your needs at moment's glance. Here, we have the Table View filter set to person, where we can view one person's activities from the board:


The Kanban View

This is a project management technique that aims to manage work by prioritizing tasks and balancing demands according to available capacity. All you need to do is select the columns for the view in your settings and your Kanban view of board will be ready! To learn more about how to build your monday.com boards as Kanban, check out this article!


The Form View

Convert your boards into forms in just one click, send them to your contacts and watch the information roll in as new items. Check out this article to learn more about it!


The Cards View

The Cards View allows you to view all your important item details in one very visual, gallery-like display. Check out this article for more information!


Switching back to the Main board

Once you've added a view to your board, you can switchback to your main board view by selecting "Main Table" tab at the top left of your screen as so: 



You can add multiple views to your board and they will all be located at the top of your board for you to access whenever you need! 


Set your favorite board views

If you have multiple views on your board, you can choose to "favorite" your most-used views, so that they will be presented first on the top left of your board for easy access! To do so, hover the board view name and press on the three dot menu that appears. From there, press "Add to my favorites" and that view will jump to appear right next to the main table view.


To remove a view as your favorite, simply follow the same steps above and select "Remove from my favorites".


Setting a default view

Board owners can set a default view for all board viewers and subscribers. To set a default view, open up the same three-dot menu beside the name of the view that you wish to select (it must first be added to your board). Next, click "Set as board default" as we've done below: 


The default can be switched at any time by following these steps with a different view, including the Main Table view. 


Split Screen mode

You can choose to see a view in split screen mode with the Main Table view below it. To do so, click on the three dot menu (More options) located in the top right of your specific view and select "Settings." Next, click on "Display type" and then "Split Mode." You will be able to see this view in split-screen mode with the Main Table view below it when it is in full-screen mode:




Sharing views publicly

Publish your boards, embed them in your website, and make them accessible to everyone on the web! Check out how it works right here  


Note:  You can currently only apply the share view on your Main board, Timeline, Chart, Calendar, Workload, and Gantt views.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!