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Board owners on monday.com


You can think of a board owner as a sort of "super user" on a board — a person that is able to perform certain actions that others on the board are not necessarily able to. In this article, we'll learn about:

  • What it means to be a board owner
  • How to make someone else an owner
  • How to get ownership of a board from a person who has left the team

Who is the owner of a board?

By default, the person who created the board will be the initial board owner. From there, the first board owner can also choose to grant ownership to other board subscribers if they wish!
Owners of a board can be identified by clicking on the "Invite" icon at the top of the board. Any board owner will have a small blue crown to the right of their name.


What can a board owner do?

In short, only board owners can:

  • Set or adjust any Board Permissions or Column Permissions. Additionally, any board/column permissions that are set will not apply to the board owners.
  • Unarchive a board that has previously been archived
  • Edit, delete, or template existing automation or integration recipes (in addition to the creator of those automation/integrations)
  • Make changes to any templated boards
  • "Crown" other board subscribers as board owners


Adding/removing board owners

If you are the owner of your board, you can add or remove other board owners by simply clicking on the crown icon next to a users name to turn it blue and thereby adding them as an owner, or grey to remove them as an owner!

Note: Only the initial owner of the board and admins of the account can add other owners to the board. Additionally, admins can make themselves a board owner of any Main board. 




Changing board ownership

What if your board owner has left your team? You can still get the ownership of their board back with the click of a couple buttons! You can read all about it right here




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