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At we’re all about making your work life simpler, more productive and efficient! Instead of receiving information from your clients and then spending even more time inputting it into the platform, we've now created a time-saving, client-pleasing solution - Forms by 😊

What are the forms? 

You'll create a board, tailor-made to your specifications (with the columns you know and love). With a few clicks of a button you'll be able to create a form based on that board, share it with your clients (by link or by embedding it on a website) and each of the response will create a new item with all the answers you need!

 Note: The form is a by-product of the board and not the other way around. If you change anything on the form view (i.e edit a column header), it won't be reflected on the board level.


Who can fill the Forms out?

Anyone and everyone, just as long as they have access to the shareable link or embedded link.

What columns are supported?

The supported columns are the following: Text, Long Text, Numbers, Status, Date, Rating, File, phone and Checkbox. Keep reading to see how to make it happen! 👇

*NEW* We've now added a footer note at the bottom of our form view letting you know which columns on your board aren't supported just yet. Stay tuned for some fan favorites coming to a form near you, soon!

How to set it up?

Step 1 - Build the Board

The form will be created based on the columns you insert (names will be editable, of course) and the information provided will create new items.

Your business needs the information, consider the forms feature your courier 📩

Step 2 - Enable Forms View on your Board

Our Forms feature is a part of our Views Center. After setting-up the board go ahead and click on the "Add View" tab and then click on "Forms". The Forms view will appear thereafter. Here's how it'll go:




How to use the Forms?

Step 1 - Customization

This form can and will be sent to (or seen by) your target audience, whoever they are. We love the fact that you want to use to reach new audiences and manage the findings within the platform; That's why we've put in customization options to allow a logo and an amazing background to be added.

  • Add your logo :)

We encourage you to add your own company's logo to display on the top left corner of the platform (here's how). Know you can make that logo a part of your form as well :) Here's how:


  • Change the background color :)

Make the default color obsolete with our background color picker! Simply hover over it and click the color of your choosing! Here's how:


*NEW* Our color picker option (far right under the color picker) is live! Don't compromise on a default color, take a second to really make your form pop!

Step 2 - The Formation

You control what columns appear on the form and which will remain hidden. Browse through the Form to begin with, when hovering over each of the respective blocks an eye will appear on the top right corner allowing you to hide the column. Here's the eye and what the column will appear like when hidden (clicking the eye again will make the column re-appear):




 Note: Each column on the form has an indication next to it (on the left) letting you know the type of column it represents on the board. Even if you change the question the indication will remain the same.



Step 3 - The Questions

At first, the Form will be generated with the board's name as its header and the columns' names at the questions. Hovering over the Header as well as the Form's optional description will allow you to edit them. In fact, hovering over each of the blocks on the Form will allow you to edit the question and the question's optional description (as well as the option to hide or unhide the question already described above).

Here's how you edit the different options - 


*NEW* Another cool option we've JUST ADDED is required questions! Get all the information you need and how you need it by making certain questions a must with ease!

Here's how you can make every one of these questions count:




You're probably wandering what will happen once a responder decides to not respond to a required question and click "Submit", here you go:


If you want to try this yourself click "Preview" and then "Submit"!

 Note: Leaving the "add description" field unedited will mean it won't appear in your published version. Feel free to click "preview" to see first hand.


 Tip: If you want to avoid asking your responders what today's date is, simply add a creation log column to indicate the exact time of the item's creation.

Step 4 - The Finalizing

Once you have an amazing layout with superb questions and descriptions (if you so chose) we can move on to the finalizing stage! Here's where we recommend you take a look:

  • Your Form's "Preview"

Clicking on the button will open up another tab, allowing you to view and enter submissions to the Form, just as your responders will experience it after you click "Share Form".  



 Note: Please try and view the form you've created in multiple variations. Try and make it larger or smaller, thus allowing you the best preview.



  • Post-submission options

You can now manage your form's post-submission options! Nested in the form's three line menu (top left corner of the form view), we've added the option to redirect, choose the group where you answers land and a submit another option!

We know you lead a complex workflow that doesn't begin and end with the form so now you'll be able to choose where you want form submissions to end up on the board! Important note here is that the default group is still the first one so if the chosen group was archived / deleted or moved submissions will revert to landing there.

Our Redirect option allows you to send responders to a URL of your choice after a few seconds, your website for example :)

Our submit another option is meant to help you make it easier for responders to send over more answers! We have three options here, let's go through them. "Click" will open up a button for your responders to click on after successfully submitting a form, it will appropriately read "Submit again" :) The "Auto" option will re-direct a form submitter from the successful submission page back to the form for another go after 4 seconds. "None" will keep things as they were so far :) 



Step 5 - The Sharing

The magic moment, we've arrived! Click "Share Form" in order to receive your links to share and embed :) Here's how it looks - 



 Note: Once you click on the "share form" button, the form will be live, but no one will see is until you actively share it with them.


Step 6 - The Results

Once the links are sent or embedded you'll receive your submissions as new items, making it that much easier to get stuff DONE.


Here's what one will see once s/he successfully submits the Form (default):



*NEW* You can now personalize the way you relate to your responders with a customized success page! By clicking on the form's three line menu (top left corner) you'll be able to edit both the title (replacing "Thank you") and the message (replacing "Your answers were submitted successfully").

 Here's an example:


Step 7 - The editing

Editing the Form will be an integral part of your workflow, we understand that :) Here are a few answers to questions you might be asking about this part of the process:

New columns added on the board level: These columns will show-up on the Form as hidden, you will then be able to click on the eye next to it to show and format it.

Changes made to status labels: Will reflect on the Form seamlessly :)

Deleting a Form (for deactivation please see below): To delete a form simply click on the down-facing arrow on the right hand side of the board's name and then hover over the Form's name to uncover the little trash can. This will delete the Form and also take it down so please proceed with caution :) 

Editing the Form while it's shared: This will update seamlessly (or on refresh if already open) thus allowing for changes to be made without any interruption to your Form's availability.

Activate/deactivate your form - On the “Share Form” window you’ll be able to toggle between activating and deactivating the links. Clicking on “Deactivate Link” will shut down the Form and clicking on the link (from the user's view, whether shared or embedded) will produce an error page. You’ll be able to activate the links by returning to the same share window and clicking the “Activate Link” button.



Can I have multiple forms on one board?

You can! You can set up multiple forms on one board and even have the answers from each form fill a different group on the board.


Step 1 - Add a New Form

Click on the Dropdown menu beside the current form and click Add new Form view:

Step 2 - Customize Your New Form

You can change the questions on the form, change the Group where the answers will go, and even change the success message!

Step 3 - Name your Forms

You can give each of your forms its own name so that you can easily identify which form is which from the dropdown menu: 


*NEW* We now have a form for our Forms feature! Located on the bottom of your Form view, you'll be able to send us suggestions, feedback and comments with ease! Try it out from here as well - Let us know!

If you have any questions or feedback about this or anything else in this feature or article, feel free to reach out to us at