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The Kanban View


Kanban is a useful project management technique that aims to manage work by prioritizing tasks and balancing demands according to available capacity. It helps us see our pain points at a glance and make sure we're best utilizing our resources. One of the oldest and most popular techniques, Kanban can be used for a wide range of industries due to its simple structure and flexibility!   


Add a Kanban View to a board

To add the Kanban View to your board, click on the option at the top of your board (it will say "Add View" when you hover over it) and select "Kanban".


You can also add a new board view by clicking on "Board Power-Ups" in the upper right corner of your screen. Select "Board Views" and choose "Kanban" from the Views Center:


Set up your Kanban View

Set up your Kanban View using the settings menu. Click on the cogwheel icon on the top right of your view to open it up.

  • Kanban Column

First things first. Select the Status Columns you want to showcase in your Kanban View in the "Kanban Column" section of Settings. Our two Status Columns are named "Status", which represents the current status of each project and "Weekly Site Visit", which represents the day of the week our projects are scheduled for:




Note: The Kanban View currently only generates cards that represent labels from Status Columns. Stay tuned - we're always improving our features and hope to include other types of columns in the future!


  • Cover Columns

Select one or more Files Columns to be displayed as a cover on your Kanban cards in the "Cover Columns" section. Choose "Crop" or "Fit" as the cover display mode you prefer! 




  • Card Columns

Next, select the column information from your board that you'd like to have displayed directly on your Kanban cards so you can see this information at a glance. You can even select a column from your Subitems to display in the card.


  • Divide by groups

You can also choose to view your Kanban cards according to the groups they belong to on your board! Just click the "Divide by groups" box at the bottom of your Settings menu:



Tip:  You can also sort your cards by items or columns on your board! Check out this article to learn how it works!  


Add new cards

There is no need to toggle between your Kanban and Main Board View —you can create new items directly from your Kanban View! Click on "+Add Item" at the bottom of any card, click on the new card, and the item's pop-up view will appear.



You can also create a new item by clicking on "+ Add" at the top left of your screen and selecting "Item".


Edit cards

Edit columns right from your cards 

You can edit the columns displayed on your cards without having to open the pop-up view! Just click on any of the displayed columns to edit the information shown.



Tip:  You can always click anywhere on your Kanban card to open up the full pop-up view of that given item. From there, you can edit all of the item details in a snap! 


Card actions menu

The card actions menu allows you to perform important actions and edit your items directly from the Kanban view! To access the menu, click the 3-dots at the top right-hand corner of your card. From here, you can, add subitems, archive, delete, move, or duplicate items, and more! 



Move cards and columns

  • Organize columns

You can change the placement of your Kanban columns by dragging and dropping them so you can organize the order any way you want!



  • Organize cards

You can change the order of your specific items by dragging and dropping them within or across your columns! This is a great way to visually assess and manage your resources:



Subitems in Kanban

You now have the option to see all information relating to your items with our subitems in Kanban feature! You can easily see the finer subitem details at a glance without toggling between your Main board view and Kanban!


Add subitems from the Main board view or directly from the Kanban view! Just click on the Kanban card to add a subitem and customize it as you wish in the subitem pop-up view!








If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.