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What is a board owner?


What is a board owner?

A board owner is either:
  • The person who created the board;
  • Any subscribers of the board which the board creator has chosen to be co-owners of the board.


Add an owner to a board

  • Step 1

Click on the three dots Menu on the upper right of your board as below:


  • Step 2

Next to each subscriber’s name is a crown symbol, which will be grey for non-owners. To “crown” someone a co-owner of the board, the board owner should click on the crown next to that person’s name, turning it blue.


Board ownership is an important feature when setting restrictions on boards, making them read-only for non-owners. This can be done through the Board Permissions button found in the Hamburger Icon Menu. You can read more about setting board permissions here


Note:  Only the initial owner of the board and admins of the account can add other owners to the board.


Changing Board Ownership

What if your board owner has left your team? You can still get the ownership of his/her board back. You can read more about it right here


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