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Let's talk about the Admin section!

Before anything, let’s first clarify how someone is or becomes an Admin. You are an Admin if you created the account or were added by another admin. You can find the Admin section in your Avatar located on the bottom left of your screen. 


The admin section consists of multiple section. Let's check how each section works. 👇



  • Profile

You are able to change your account name and the URL you use to log in to your account. Check out this article to learn how. 



  • Account 

You can also change the first day of the work week to Sunday or Monday and show/hide weekends within the timeline. Check out this article for more info about it. 📆 You can export your entire account data from that tab as well



  • Branding

You are able to change the logo on the top right-hand corner to your own logo. You can also change the e-mail header. The email header is the logo that will appear for the e-mail notifications. This article explains how.



  • Features

You can also enable or disable the GIFs from this section. You can also enable or disable link and file preview. 



  • Boards

You can create default status labels for your monday.com account. This is useful to stay aligned and keeping the same statuses across your boards. To learn how to create default labels, check out this article. 



  • User Profile

Customise the fields that your teammates will be required to fill in on their profiles. You can flag the fields that you want to appear in their contact list title. It can be anything you want: title, floor, location, favourite pizza topping...




  • Users

This is the place where you can manage all the users of your monday.com account. Whether you want to see the list of active users, deactivate a user or more, this section got you covered! For more information about how to activate, deactivate or change a user's type check out this article. 



  • Admins


 Add or remove your admins from this section. To learn more about what is an admin, check out this article. 



  • Board Ownership

Did someone leave your account and a board is left without owner? From this section you can assign a new owner to a board. You can read all about it right here






  • Login

In this section, you are able to manage how your users sign into your monday.com account. We currently offer Two Factor Authentication, Google Authentication and SAML. You are also able to define which users need to login with the chosen method as well as the passpord policy for every user.




Note:  Pro plans are able to use Google Authentication only. Enterprise plans are able to use all sign-in options. 


  • Audit

The audit log will give you a detailed report of who logged in last, the IP address, the browser and the OS used. 


Note:  This feature is available for Enterprise plan only


  • Compliance

Organizations such as hospitals, doctors' offices, health plans or just any company dealing with protected health information (PHI) are required to be HIPAA-compliant. If you are one of those, you can unlock the HIPAA compliance in this section. For more information, check out this article. 


Note:  This feature is available for Enterprise plan only



  • Advanced

Have your team's login credentials been compromised? You can activate Panic Mode to make sure no one can access your monday.com account until the threat is over.



Note:  This feature is available for Enterprise plan only


  •  Sessions
As an admin you have the ability to control the sessions for all account users. 


Note:  This feature is available for Enterprise plan only


API Token

In this section you will find your personal API token as well a company API token. To learn more about our API, check out this article.  





All your billing details can be managed easily in the billing section of your monday.com account. We have a full article about it that you can access right here




  • Basic Stats

You are able to see a basic rundown of the activity in your monday.com account.  


  • Storage Stats


You are also able to see a breakdown of the storage used within your account. Each plan comes with a different storage. You can see the difference in our plans right here


  • Advanced Stats

Our amazing stats page shows usage stats of the past month in some interesting categories such as your top boards, top creators or top communicators.



Tidy Up

The tidy up section is a summary of all the active boards you currently have within your account. You can archive them from there. You can also access all the archived boards by clicking on "archived boards". To learn more about it click right here



Cross Account

In this section, you will be able to migrate boards from one account to another in a very easy way! We have wrote a step by step guide about it right here




Keep control of who can do what on your account by setting up account permissions. This type of permission allows you to manage easily who can use certain features. This article covers how to set up account permissions.  



Note:  This feature is available for Enterprise plan only


We hope you found this article useful! If you get stuck or have any more questions, please feel free to email us at support@monday.com, we are always happy to help :)