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Content directory


Note: The content directory feature mentioned in this article is available to the admin(s) of an account on an Enterprise plan only.  


As an account admin, having the ability to view and manage the contents of an account at a high-level is crucial to ensure that things remain organized and secure at all times. For this very reason, the content directory feature was created!Group 25 (1).png


Let's learn all about how the content directory feature works below! ⬇️


How to locate it

To locate the content directory, click on your profile picture on the top right corner of your screen, select "Administration" and then "Content Directory".Group 30 (1).png


The content displayed

In the content directory you'll find an overview of all the Workspaces, Boards, Dashboards, and Workdocs located in the account. Additionally, for each of these features, you'll be able to see its owners, subscribers, creation date, last updated date and whether it's publicly available to the rest of the account members or not.Untitled design (11).gif


Note: Using this feature, admins will only be able to view the name and high-level information about private Boards/Dashboards/Workdocs in the list. If you'd like to have the option to access the boards shown here, please contact your monday.com representative.


The "Last Updated" column

It is important to keep in mind the following information regarding the content displayed in the "Last Updated" column of the content directory:

  • Boards: All board-level changes will update the "Last Updated" column except for when replies to updates are created, or when a board is exported to Excel.
  • Dashboards: On the Dashboard-level, adding or removing widgets will update the column. However, the "Last Updated" column will not update when when boards or filters are added or removed, or when widget settings are changed. 
  • Workspaces: On the Workspace-level, the "Last Updated" column will only update when the Workspace name or type changes, not when boards or members are added.


Filter the content

As your account continues to grow, you may find the need to filter the information on your content directory so you can zoom into the specific details that you need to see. In the content directory, you can filter the information shown by any content type, owner, and member!Untitled design (12).gif


Export the content

If you're looking to export the information from your content directory into Excel, you can do so by clicking on "Export all to CSV" as shown below:Group 27 (2).png



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.