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Manage your sales pipeline with monday.com


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This guide explores a ready-made board from the monday sales CRM product.


Manage your sales process and pipeline efficiently and openly with the rest of your team! Our monday sales CRM product was created for companies and people to work together, collaborate, create transparency and visibility to help best support your sales initiatives.

In this article, we'll explore the monday sales CRM product and learn all about how the Deals board can be used to streamline your sales pipeline. Let's dive in!



What is a sales pipeline? 

A sales pipeline allows you to visually tracking the progress of all the deals your sales team is currently working on. It displays each stage of the sales process, making it easy for you to spot where each lead is in the sales cycle at a glance. 

With a sales pipeline, you can seamlessly monitor the leads that each sales representative owns in order to allocate new incoming leads in the smartest way possible. Not only this, but a sales pipeline is also a great tool to forecast your revenue, providing you visibility into whether your team is reaching its goals so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly. 📈


Understanding the Deals board

The Deals board comes ready-made in the monday sales CRM product and will be your go-to place to manage your sales pipeline using monday.com! On this board, the groups are split up according to the stage of a deal (whether they are Active or Closed Won) and each item within it represents a specific deal.



The columns on the board help display different data points about each deal such as the contact or account it is associated with, the deal length, value, close probability, and much more!

Show me the column types used on this board
  • People Column - Each lead can be assigned to a sales representative. This column provides transparency into who is taking care of what.
  • Connect Boards Column - This column is used twice (named "Contacts" and "Accounts") to help link relevant information from other boards. More on this below!
  • Status Column - This column type is used twice, to indicate the stage as well as the priority of a deal.
  • Formula Column - The Deal Length and Forecast Value are automatically calculated on the board thanks to this column type.
  • Numbers Column - Keep track of Deal Value, Close Probability and Actual Deal Value with the numbers column! You can customize the unit displayed and choose whether you'd like to display the total as a sum, average, or more.
  • Date Column - The Date Column is used a few times to display the Expected Close Date, the actual Close Date, and the Deal creation date.
  • Location Column - This column type is used to show the location that each deal is located in.


Tip: Explore our full columns center to add any additional column types that can best suit your own sales pipeline workflow!


Calculate deal length and forecast value

Thanks to the Formula Columns that come pre-set on your board, the length of each deal and its forecast value will be automatically calculated for you! No need to manually fill out these columns as the correct value will instantly be added depending on the formulas that are set. 🙌



Let's take a look at the Forecast Value column for example. Here, the formula is set to display the forecasted value by multiplying the Deal Value times the Close Probability percentage!


Formula: {Deal Value}*{Close Probability}


Add contact and account details

If you're using monday.com as your sales CRM, you likely have boards for your Contacts and Accounts. You can connect either board to your sales pipeline to display your leads' contact details by using the Connect Boards ColumnNo need to go back and forth between boards anymore to find the phone number or email for your lead!  🙌  

Tip:  Check out this awesome guide to learn how to use monday.com to manage your accounts and contacts. 


On the Deals board, the Connect Boards Column is used for the columns titled "Contacts" and "Accounts". By clicking on any of the connected items within these columns, you'll be able to view and edit the details of the specific connected contact or account, without ever leaving the Deals board! 



Automate your workflow

To make your workflow more efficient and to minimize the manual work that needs to be done, the Deals board comes pre-set with several automations! Some of the automations help to instantly organize the board according to column values, while others help to set due dates and send out notifications to teammates.

The recipes displayed below help to move each item to the relevant group according to to their status:



On the other hand, the below recipe helps to automatically set a deal's creation date to the day that it was added to the board.



And finally, the below automation will send out a personalized message to all board subscribers two dates before the "Expected Close Date" if the "Stage" status is not set to Won. This can help to ensure that the team stays on top of all deals and can also encourage effective communication with the potential client to increase the chances of closing the deal!



Tip: The options that you have with automations are endless! Check out this article to learn how to set up your own custom automation recipe.


Move your deals through the pipeline with Kanban

The Deals board comes equipped with the Kanban View, allowing you to seamlessly move your deals from one stage to another within your sales pipeline! All you have to do is click and drag a Kanban card (representing a deal) and move it along to the relevant stage of your pipeline.



In addition to moving each deal along the pipeline using the Kanban, you can also view and edit all the column details relating to each deal right through here!


Track your KPIs 

Dashboard views are a great way to visually display everything important in one place. With over 15 available widgets, dashboard views provide you with an easy way understand project progress, track budgets, estimate teammates' workload, and much more!

Within the Deals board, the dashboard view comes ready made with a Chart Widget and a Goal Widget to easily see where your forecasts stand per account and versus your annual goal. With this said, we recommend checking out the full Widgets Center to see the many options available to customize your own dashboard view with!



Just like that, you're all set and ready to get started using monday.com and the monday sales CRM product as a sales pipeline!





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.