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Manage your sales pipeline with monday.com


Manage your sales process and pipeline efficiently and openly with the rest of your team! Our monday sales CRM was created for companies and people to work together, collaborate, create transparency and visibility; most importantly, it is endlessly customizable. With that in mind, you can easily customize monday.com to support your sales initiatives.



What is a sales pipeline? 

A sales pipeline is a way of visually tracking the progress of all the deals your sales team is currently working on. It displays each stage of the sales process, making it easy for you to spot where each lead is in the sales cycle at a glance. 


Why do you need a sales pipeline?

If you are managing a sales team, having a sales pipeline is a crucial part of the management process. You can visually monitor the leads that each sales representative owns. In one glance, see if a sales rep has too many leads or maybe not enough. Then, allocate all the new incoming leads in the smartest way possible. 

A sales pipeline is also a great tool to forecast your revenue, another important part of the managment process. Forecasting your revenue allows you visibility into whether or not your team is reaching its goals so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly. 

In this guide, we will cover how you can use monday.com to successfully manage your sales pipeline. Keep reading to learn how. 🙌 


Organize your board

To get started, you'll want to define the structure of your board.

Groups are a great way to split your information into categories. In this example, we've used the following groups:

  • New leads - all new incoming leads that haven't been assigned yet go to this group.
  • In Process - all deals that are still in the sales cycle and haven't been closed yet go to this group.
  • March, April, etc. - the other groups all represent months; whenever a deal is closed the lead will be moved from the "In process" group to its relevant month.



Define each step of your process

A sales pipeline should display each step of your sales process. On our board, we are using a Status column to represent each step. The amazing thing about this feature is that you can customize the labels to fit your exact needs. We've added a status column for the intro call, the initial presentation, the negotiation phase, and the specific product the lead is interested in. Here is a snapshot of how these status columns look on our board: 



Customize your board with columns

With over 30 different column types, there’s almost no limit to how you can customize your board to fit your team’s needs. Below are a few basics you can use. We'll go over some advanced columns later in this guide. 


  • People columnEach lead can be assigned to a sales representative. This column provides transparency into who is taking care of what.
  • Date column - This column is a great way to record your meetings. When you set up reminders, you will be notified each time a meeting is approaching. We will cover this later in this guide! 
  • Number column - Keep track of deal size with the numbers column! You can customize the currency and choose whether you'd like to display the total as a sum, average, or more!
  • File column - Use the file column to store files for each deal. 


Calculate commission

Calculate the commission earned by each sales representative with the formula column. Displaying potential commission on your board can be super motivating for your team!

The formula we used in our example is:  

Formula: IF({Amount closed}>10000,(10%*{Amount closed}),(8%*{Amount closed}))


You can learn all about formulas right here


Add contact and account details

If you're using monday.com as your sales CRM, you likely have boards for your Contacts and Accounts. You can connect either board to your sales pipeline to display your leads' contact details. To do so, you can use the Connect boards column. No need to go back and forth between boards anymore to find the phone number or email for your lead!  🙌  

Tip:  Check out this awesome guide to learn how to use monday.com to manage your accounts and contacts. 


On our board, the Connect boards column looks like this: 


The connected item has a colored tab (in this case, blue) to the left of the item name. Click on any of the links in that column to display every detail from the connected board. 


With the Connect boards column, you can also use the Mirror column to mirror specific columns from your CRM board into your sales pipeline. In this example, we've mirrored the account's location. You can name the mirrored column anything you like. (It will be named "Mirror" by default.) Even after a name change, you can tell that the column is mirrored from the same board as the Account because there is a line in a single color (in this case, green) underlining the title of both columns.



Automate your workflow

Never miss a meeting!

Set up notifications to stay on top of your meetings. With automations, you can set up reminders with little effort. To do so, you will need a Date column. In our example, we have a date column for each step of the sales process.

Next, click on your date column's menu and choose "Settings" to open the "Add/edit date reminders" option. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the set up of your reminders. 


Automatically set the closed date!

You can set up an automation so that, once a deal is won, the "Closed date" of the contract will automatically be added to your board: 


Get notified about incoming leads!

Get notified of any new leads added to your board with this automation: 


And just like that, say goodbye to manual work! 👋 If you'd like to learn more about automations, check out the monday.com Automations article.


Pivot board for deeper reporting

If you're on the Enterprise plan, you can add a pivot board to your pipeline! The pivot board will allow you to better analyze the different verticals of your board by slicing and dicing the information. Being fully flexible and customizable, this view will enable a deeper level of reporting from many different perspectives. To learn more about it check out this article.

There are several options for how to view your data: 


With the heatmap, you can visualize the highest and lowest values on your board using gradients of color. 🙌


Track your KPIs 

Dashboards are a great way to display everything important in one place. With 15 available widgets, users can now understand project progress, track budget, estimate their teammates' workload, and much more! It allows you to keep your team focused and motivated on high-level goals while boosting productivity! In this example, we've used:

  • The Numbers Widget - to display the number of deals closed, the total amount earned, and the total sales commission. 
  • The Chart Widget - to show the number of leads in each stage, as well as the commission earned per sales representative.


Just like that, you're all set and ready to get started using monday.com as a sales pipeline!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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