How do I add a column?

In order to add a column, please do the following:

  1. Click on the + button on the far right side of the board.
  2. Choose the type of column that you would like to add from the options below. 
  • Status - where you can edit labels to show the pulse's process
  • Text - this enables you to enter general text 
  • Person - who is assigned as the owner of the pulse 
  • Date - to indicate when exactly a pulse (project) is due
  • Numbers - Provides functions and units 
  • Timeline - Making time visual 


NEW! We've recently launched the amazing Column Center, which you can find in the very bottom of the drop-down menu


If you click on the Column Center you will see many more available types of columns with specific functions, such as Link (URL) column, Checkbox, Rating, World Clock, Country, Creation Log, Votes, Stop Watch (Timer), ability to assign a Team to a task, and many many more other columns for different purposes: 
**NOTE** You can also add a column directly to the right! No more scrolling to the end of the last column and dragging the newly created one to the desired location - just open an existing column menu and create what you want, where you want it.
For any further questions about how to add a column, please don't hesitate to reach out to us right here
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