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Lead Management on monday.com

Manage your leads and their latest updates efficiently and openly with the rest of your team! The platform was created for companies and people to work together, collaborate, create transparency and visibility; most importantly it is endlessly customizable. With that, you can easily customize monday.com to support your team's lead management.  

What is lead management?

First let's understand better what is a lead. Leads are customers that have shown an interest in your solution but haven't made a purchase yet. They can come from many different sources: an event you've organized, emails, website, ads...

Lead management is basically the process of managing all these leads and ensuring that they get the attention they need. 

Why lead management is important?

As your company scales, you are getting more and more leads. Sometimes more than what your sales team can handle. Consequently, they can no longer ensuring attention to each lead properly and things begin to fall through the cracks.

Implementing a good lead management process allows you to never miss out on opportunities. You can see the lead information, maintain communication, discern the hot leads from the cold ones and therefore improve conversion 🎉  

Get started with a template 

If you are not sure how get started, you can use our lead management template. You will find it in the templates section of your monday.com account. 


You can also check out this monday.com story that a monday.com user created to manage their sales process, and add it directly to your board. 


Get your leads directly in monday.com!

Instead of receiving information from your clients and then spending even more time inputting it into the platform, we've created a time-saving, client-pleasing solution: the forms

Simply create a board, tailor-made to your specifications. With a few clicks of a button, you'll be able to create a form based on that board, share it with your clients by link or by embedding it on a website. Each response will create a new item with all the answers you need. 




Customize your board

  • Add your groups

We’ve organized our board into groups to categorize our clients on our board by whether or not they’ve been assigned to a sales representative yet. Each item, under the group, is the name of our client. 


  • Add your columns

With over 20 different column types, there’s really no limit to how you can customize your board to fit your team’s needs.

People Column: Each lead can be assigned to a sales representative. This column helps to provide transparency on who is taking care of what. 

Status Column: By adding multiple status columns and customizing the labels, you're able to track each stage the lead goes through! Remember, add and edit labels to fit your needs! 


Numbers Column: The deal size of each lead can be tracked here, which your team can use to determine how to prioritize leads.

File column: Add a file column to keep the invoices of each lead or just any document you want. 

Date column: You can add a date column to set up a next contact date with each lead. It is a great way to stay organized and make sure you give the attention needed to all your leads, on time. 


Automate your workflow

Our amazing automations center allows you to automate and streamline your workflow. We have so many different automations available. You can read more about it right here

  • Automatically move a lead whether it is won or lost

Whenever a proposal's status is changed to approved/refused, you can automatically move the active lead to either the won or lost group using the below automation: 


  • Automatically inform your team when a deal is closed

We can create automatic notifications to let our team know when we've won a deal! This way, each time a leads been won and the contracts been approved the team will be informed, so they can celebrate accordingly! 


  • Get an automatic reminder to reach out a lead

When creating your board, you can set up a date column to add the next date and time of contact. With that, you can set up an awesome automation to get an automatic reminder about reaching out to that lead. 


Get even more insights about your leads with an integration

You can connect monday.com with Clearbit to get even more insights on your leads. For example, when a new lead will register to your platform (thanks to your embedded form), Clearbit will identify the email address and provide the relevant company data associated to that lead. 


This integration is a great way to deeply understand your customers, identify future prospects, and personalize every single sales interaction.

You can also create an integration with Gmail or Outlook to directly communicate with your clients through monday.com. Check out how it works right here

Connect your boards together! 

To go along with your lead management board on monday.com, you can create a CRM or a Contacts board to manage all your clients’ contact information!  By linking these boards together, you will be able to quickly access any contact information. Check out our mirror column to see how you can connect items from another board. You can also check out our CRM article right here


Create a sales pipelines

To go along with your CRM and Lead Manager on monday.com, you can also build sales pipeline and use our bright and colorful status columns to visually present the status of ongoing leads to ensure you and your team are up to date on the life cycle of every client, keep all of your client information in one centralized place and much more. Want to learn more about how to use monday.com for your Sales Pipeline? Check out this video

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer success team at [email protected]! We are here for you 24/7.