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Managing your automations


If you want to learn about all of the ways you can manage your automations, you've come to the right place! Read on to learn how to edit, duplicate, template, disable, enable, describe, delete, transfer ownership... need we go on? 😉


Edit an automation

Once you've added Automations to your board, click on the "Board automations" tab to manage your automations. To edit your automation, click on the three dot menu and select "Edit Automation":

Frame 197.png

This will open the automation builder where you can add, edit, or remove blocks to alter your automation. In the editor you can view the automation's "Run History". You can click on a run to view the details of the run, including the item that the automation was performed on and who triggered the automation:

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Click on the "Info" tab to learn to learn more about the automation. You can see who created the automation, when it was last updated, and IDs for the automation and the recipe (important for troubleshooting):

Frame 199 (2).png

Click on the "Analytics" tab to learn more about the history of the automation. Here, you'll see the last 10 days of the automation's activity. You can see how many successful runs have happened, failed runs, and runs in progress. You can also see how many actions have been used by this automation:

Frame 200.png


Give your automation a description

When you begin to use automations more, keeping track of what each of automation does can get confusing for you and your teammates. You can add a description to your automations in the automation builder to help your team stay informed:
Frame 201 (1).png


Turn an automation on/off

You can turn an automation on or off in the automation builder by toggling the switch at the top of the screen:
Frame 202.png
You can also toggle the automation on or off in the "Board automations" tab in the Automation Center:
Frame 203.png
You will need to toggle each automation either "On" or "Off", depending on your preference. At this time, there is no option to toggle all automations collectively. 

Duplicate an automation

If you open the "More actions" dropdown at the top of the automation builder, you will see the option to "Duplicate Automation":

Frame 204.png

Tip: When boards and templates are duplicated, automations can be included in the duplicates as long as they are toggled on in the "Board automations" section!


Save an automation as a template

You can save your custom automation as a template and make it available for anyone in your monday.com account to use. You'll find the option under the "More actions" dropdown menu.

Choosing a name for your template will help others in your account to understand how they can use it. After your choose a name, click "Create template" to save it.

You can only make a template out of a custom automation:

Frame 205.png


Delete an automation

If you want to delete your automation, you will also find this option under the "More actions" menu:

Frame 206.png

Transfer ownership of an automation

Note: Currently, you can transfer ownership of automations and certain integrations. It is not possible to transfer disabled automations if the ownership has not been changed prior to the deactivation.


You can transfer ownership from one person to another person with a few clicks! This is ideal if you want a teammate to take over a board or one automation on a board. By transferring ownership, you grant them the ability to edit any automations that you (or another person) have created.


From the Automation center

To transfer ownership, locate the automation you hope to transfer, open the automation menu, and select "Edit automation":

Frame 197.png

In the "More actions" menu, select "Transfer ownership":

Frame 207 (1).png

A window will open that asks you to select the new owner from a dropdown menu. You can type in a name to search. After you've selected the new owner, click the "Transfer ownership" button:

Frame 208.png

After clicking the button, the window will close and you'll see a notification at the top of the screen confirming the that the transfer was successful:

Frame 209.png


From the "Administration" section

If you are an admin of your account, you can transfer automation from the "Administration" section of your account. To transfer ownership, click on your profile picture > "Administration" > "Users" > "Automations Ownership":


When deactivating users on your account, you can also transfer ownership of automations and certain integrations previously owned by that user. To deactivate a user, click on the three-dot menu to the right-hand side of their name. From the resulting menu, select "Deactivate user". A message box will appear with the option to assign new ownership to that users automations and integrations. 

Deactivate User and Transfer Autopilot.png


Note: To successfully transfer ownership, the transfer must occur before the user is deactivated.  



Transfer ownership of an integration

To transfer ownership of an integration, follow the same instruction in the previous section about transferring ownership of an automation. However, there are a few key differences in functionality.

When transferring integrations they will automatically be disconnected until the new owner manually reconnects them. The following are integrations that can have their ownership transferred:

  • All static integrations 
  • App integrations by monday.com, such as Jira and GitHub 
  • Marketplace integrations 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.