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Copper Integration

Copper.pngCopper is a CRM tool that lives natively within G-suite and you can integrate with it via monday.com!


How to add it to your workflow?

Note: Before you start setting up the integration on monday.com, be sure to enable leads in your Copper account. To do this, visit Settings > Leads > Enable leads. 


Step 1

To add an Integration, go to the board you want to create an Integration for and click on the Integration button, located on the upper right of your screen as below:  
Once on the page, you will see all of the amazing apps we offer to integrate with, then go ahead and select "Copper": 


Step 2

Once you click on the Copper integration banner you will find the recipe that the integration offers: When a lead is created in Copper, create an item and sync all future changes from Copper



Step 3

Once you click on one of the recipes you will be asked to enter connect your monday.com account with your Copper account: 


Then you will be asked to log in to your Copper account login credentials, you can find your API key by going to the Settings section in Coppers site > Integrations > API keys> generate API key. 


Step 4

Once you've chosen the recipe inserted your token, you will get to the integration window. This is where you will be able to set up your automation. 


After setting your integration, you can select the information mapped to the item: 



More Assistance

If you need help building custom integrations, we also have an option for paid assistance through our network of certified monday.com partners. You can consult and hire their services directly through our professional services online store.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.