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Build out your WorkForm


Needing to create a survey for company members, a form for a school outing, or a questionnaire for your customers? WorkForms is made to do this, and so much more!

Designed to be an easy and efficient way to build forms, to ensure all of your needs are met. From the design, layout, and question choices, with monday.com WorkForms you can create the perfect form with a few simple clicks 🖱️


Customize your WorkForm

You can customize the logo, title, and description of your form to align with your brand, and clearly display the purpose of the form. To add a logo, click on the "Upload logo" button at the top of your WorkForm and select a file from your computer.

Upload Logo WorkForms.png


Note: To optimize the quality of your form logo, we recommend using a file with a max size of 4mb, 100 pixels, and to keep the resolution of the image.


The title and description on your WorkForm is a great way to better explain what the form is used for, or to include any additional details that you may need the responder to know. To add or edit the title and description of your form, simply click on the text-box, and type out your desired text.

WorkForm Description       .gif


Design your WorkForm

Using WorkForms, customizing and designing the form of your dreams is as easy as can be! The build tools to the right of your form will help give your form the look and feel that you need.

  • Add a background color or image

To modify the background color or image of your WorkForm, click on the image icon on the right-hand side of your screen. In the "color" tab, you can choose a solid color for your background, and in the "Image" tab, you'll find some of our favorite background images to choose from. Alternatively you can also upload your own image by clicking "+ Upload your own" under the "Image tab".

WorkForms Cover Change.gif

Tip: There is no specific ratio or size requirement for a background image. We do however recommend to have your image as small as possible, to receive a faster loading time.


  • Adjust the alignment of your WorkForm

Clicking on the grid icon on the right-hand side of your screen will allow you to adjust the placement of your WorkForm amongst its background. You can choose to align the form to the left, right, or center, and whether you'd like to have a frame surrounding it or not.WorkForm Alignment.png

  • Choose the format of your WorkForm

When setting up your WorkForm, you can choose whether you'd like your form questions presented in "classic" format, or if you'd like the "one by one" format. WorkForms Format Options New.gif


With the classic format, all the questions in your WorkForm will appear in one view. The form responder can see all the questions at once and simply scroll down as they complete the questions within the form.

WorkForms Classic Format.png


The one by one format allows the questions from your form to appear individually while the form is being filled out, eliminating the need to scroll and navigate between different questions. Using this formatting type, the form submitter can focus on each question without being overwhelmed by the entire form.

WorkForms One by One View.gif


Tip: The one by one format is great for feedback surveys, contact sales, forms, requests, registrations, and more!


  • Edit the text color and font

By clicking on the "T" icon, you can change up the color and font of the text displayed on your WorkForm.WorkForms Font and colour.png

  • Form and Text Direction

WorkForms also offer support for RTL (right to left) languages. If you'd like to change your form text to go from right to left, you can do so by clicking on the button with the two arrows on the far right of your screen.

WorkForms RTL New.gif


Choose your question type

WorkForms gives you a wide variety of question types to choose from, ensuring you have flexibility when it comes to building your form to suit your needs.

See each question type and the column type that it will correspond to on your monday.com board!

  • Add question and answer choices

Now that you've added a title and description (if you so choose), it's time to add and customize your WorkForm's questions! To begin, select "Add new question" and choose the type of question that you want it to be.

WorkForms Add Question New.gif


Hovering over each of the blocks within the question box will allow you to edit the question title and the question's optional description. If you've chosen a question type that requires pre-set response options, such as a single-select, multi-select, or True/False question, you can click into the options to edit them as you wish.

WorkForms Edit Question New.gif

Note: The question type that you choose here will dictate the type of column that will be added onto your board if you choose to connect your WorkForm to a monday.com account.


  • Single select and Multi select questions

The single select or multi select questions allows the submitter to select either one option or multiple options from a list. You can easily add different options to the question, reorder the options by dragging and dropping them, as well as hide certain options from the submitter.  

WorkForms Settings- Move single select options.gif


By clicking on "Question settings" in the bottom left-hand corner of the question box, you can choose to display your single or multi select options either as a list, dropdown or horizontally.

WokForms- Multi Select Question.gif

  • People Column question

Wanting to assign an item to a specific person using WorkForms without having to create an automation? Not a problem. You can add a people column question to your form! The people column enables the form submitter to specify which member of the account is related to the submission and is very useful for any request type use cases.

WorkForms People Column New.gif


Note: It is not possible to assign a team in WorkForms. The People Column question is only for individual person selection, and is only available if the form is restricted to account members only. Read more about WorkForm account level permissions.


Add conditional questions

Conditional questions allow you to display certain follow-up questions in response to a specific answer that the WorkForm submitter provided. This is a must for creating more in-depth surveys or questionnaires.

To create conditional questions on your WorkForm, begin by clicking on a single or multi-select question that you'd like to create a condition for and select "Include condition". From there, choose one or more responses and select "Add new question" to add the follow-up question.

WorkForms Add Condition New.gif

You can also customize the follow-up question to allow for further choices by making the question a multi-select question.


Tip: You can continue adding multiple conditions for the same question to really build out your form in the way that you wish!


Additionally, you can add multiple different conditions under each separate question by clicking "Add another condition" so that every separate response will lead to its own follow-up question! Take a look at the form below that contains multiple conditions depending on your answer to the "Which book are your requesting?" question.



Modify your WorkForm

You control which questions appear on the WorkForm and which will remain hidden, as well as whether they will be required to fill out, or not.

To customize the display of a question, click on a question block and you'll see an eye icon appear on the bottom right corner allowing you to hide or display that question. You can also click on the "cog" icon on the bottom left-hand side of the question box to see further settings available for that question. These can include making a question "Required", setting the default date, or autofilling a location. 

WorkForms Settings- New Cog.gif


Tip: Any change that you make to your WorkForm will be saved automatically! Simply make the edits of your choice and you can pick up right where you left off next time you access your WorkForm.


The "Duplicate" button allows form creators to duplicate questions easily while creating a form. This can save time when creating similar questions in long forms. To duplicate a question, click on the question box and select the "Duplicate" icon located next to the "Hide question" button.

WorkForms duplicate Question.png


The column mapping icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of a question only if the question name does not match any of the column names on your board. When this icon appears, you can hover over the icon to see which column the information will be collated in. If the question and your column share the same name, the icon will not appear. 

WorkForms Column mapping.png

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.