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The Dropdown Column


Looking for a column where you can select multiple choices from a list of options? If you're looking for a way to show multiple options onto your boards, check out the Dropdown column. 



How to add it

Add the Column by clicking the '+' to the right of your Columns and selecting "Dropdown" from the resulting menu like this:


Note: If you do not see this column type in the resulting menu, click on the "More columns" button to access the full column center and search for this column type.


How it works

Once your column is added, click inside the cell and add/edit your dropdown options. 



To select multiple options from the dropdown menu, you can simply select multiple options from the list. 


Note: We currently have a limit of 500 labels per dropdown column.


With many options in your Dropdown Column, you may want to limit the number that can be selected per cell. Through the column settings you can create such a limitation 🙌  

To configure this setting, select the tree dots in the top right-hand corner of your Dropdown Column, select "Settings" and then "Customize Dropdown column". A notice box will appear where you can select "Limit selection to", and input the number of labels members can select within the column.   BC- Limit for DropDown Column.gif


Keyboard shortcuts

To work with the Dropdown column more efficiently, try using some of the below keyboard shortcuts!

  • ENTER: To create a new label or select the first label, simply press ENTER
  • CTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac): You can choose multiple options without closing the dialog by holding on CTRL (for PC users) or Command (for Mac users)
  • ESC: For closing the dialog


Copy/paste to the dropdown column

If you have a list of labels that you'd like to transfer directly to the dropdown column, you can do that simply by copying the relevant labels from your Excel or Google Docs and paste it into the dropdown column.



Deleting labels

To delete a label click on "add/edit label" and hover over the X option:


Tip: You can use the dropdown column in our forms as well, check out more about forms here.


Turning the dropdown column into tags

You can convert your dropdown column into tags using the Tags column. The tags created are based on the labels used in each cell of the dropdown. 🙌

To convert your dropdown column, click on the three-dot menu to the right of your Dropdown column, click on "Change column type" and then "Tags" as below: 



Once done, you dropdown column will turn into a Tags column. 🙌






If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.