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Get started: monday AI


Who can use this feature:
beta users whose Admins have enabled the feature
Available on all plans


Note: This feature is currently in beta and is in the process of being released gradually to customers. 


monday.com is built to be at the core of any type of work, where customers can build workflows that suit their every need. To further realize that purpose, we're launching a beta version of the monday AI Assistant! This tool will expand how customers interact with and build on the WorkOS platform.


What is monday AI?

monday AI is the incorporation of artificial intelligence technology into the monday.com platform. There are a few apps that use this new technology, at the moment. You can learn more about them in the "monday AI apps" section of this article. In the future, we will have many more apps!

The apps that are currently available were built internally at monday.com by a few different teams on a shared infrastructure. In the near future, external developers will be able to leverage this same infrastructure to create their own apps using monday AI technology. These new apps will be available to customers through the app marketplace.


Who can use monday AI?

At the moment, monday AI is in Beta Testing and will gradually be released to select users. Once monday AI has been enabled on your account, a pop-up will appear for an admin to approve monday AI for the whole account.


Once an account admin approves, all users will get the same pop-up. Each individual will need to give their permission before they can use monday AI.


Note: The terms of service for this tool differ from the platform's general terms and conditions. You must read the monday AI Beta Terms and Conditions before adding monday AI to your account.


The admin can also disable monday AI on the account via the Administration section. Click on your profile image in the top right-hand corner of the page, and select "Administration". From within the Administration page, select "Customization" from the panel on the left, and select "Features". Scroll down to "AI Assistant" and select "Disabled". Don't forget to select "Save changes" at the bottom when you are done!

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monday AI apps

As an initial offering, monday.com will gradually release a collection of innovative apps built internally on the same monday AI Assistant infrastructure that external developers will soon be able to build on. These apps will support various use cases, from sharing helpful suggestions to improving workflows, and will include:

  • Automated Task Generation. Accessible on any board, you can use this app to generate project plans based on your input and goals.

  • Summarize and rephrase. Focus on what’s important while monday AI summarizes complex topics, rephrases, and provides relevant action items.

  • monday Docs. Start with AI! Use AI to generate a template to help you get started in your docs.

  • Formula Builder. Describe a task or team objective to monday AI and it will generate a formula that will help complete those tasks more efficiently.

  • Updates creation and fast replies. Use AI to write and reply in the updates section of any item. 

Developing monday AI is a natural next step in deepening how our customers interact with our software and supporting their ever-growing work processes.

In the future, you can look forward to:

  • Composing and Rephrasing Emails. Save time by using this monday AI app to quickly write and edit emails within monday sales CRM.



Why does monday.com require admin and user approval to set up monday AI?

monday AI requires admins and users to review additional terms and conditions that must be accepted on top of the platform's standard terms of service.


Are there limits on monday AI usage?

Currently, there are no limits on using monday AI. In the future, there will be limits.


Which AI service is monday.com using?

monday AI uses Azure OpenAI as its LLM (large language model) provider. By using Azure OpenAI, monday AI employs the security capabilities of Microsoft Azure.


Will data being processed by AI apps remain in my region?

monday AI is implemented on secured servers to maintain our data security practices. If your monday account's data region is the US, your input and output in monday AI will be processed on Azure servers in the US. If your monday account's data region is the EU, your input and output in monday AI will be processed on Azure servers in the EU. monday AI is not currently available for those with accounts in the AU data region.


Does monday.com allow AI to train models using my input or output?

We do not use your input or output to train machine-learning models, and we do not authorize others to either.


What's next?

We're just scratching the surface of what we can accomplish with AI! We plan to continue expanding our platform based on our customers’ true needs. If you have feedback on monday AI, we'd love to hear it! Send us your thoughts using this feedback form. You can also send feedback, at any time, from within the platform while using monday AI:


As AI is continuously integrated into the platform, the possibilities are endless! We can't wait to explore the possibilities with you. ✨



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.