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How to Archive and Unarchive a Board, Group, Item or Subitem

Are you still hanging on to old items, subitems, groups, and boards long after they're in use just in case you'll need the information in the future? If so, you would love the archive feature! Instead of keeping old information around, archive it to clean up your list of boards or the amount of items on your boards with the option to restore them if you ever need to! 🗄


Archive a board

To archive a board, click on the 3-dot-menu at the top right corner of that board and select 'Delete/Archive board'. From here, you can choose if you want to permanently "Delete" the board, or if you want to "Archive" it with the option of restoring it in the future.

In this case, we'll choose "Archive board". 



Archive a group

In one of our boards, we have a group where we record all of our current promotions. We usually have promotions during the off-season or special events and pop-ups. Right now, we don't have any promotions, so we want to archive this group just in case we want to bring back any promotions in the future.

To archive our group, we'll click the arrow to the left of our group's name and click "Archive" like this:



Archive an item or subitem

We keep a board of all of our current ice cream flavors and flavors we're developing. Sometimes, a flavor isn't a big hit, so we decide to discontinue it. To keep our board current and free of clutter, we archive items that are no longer relevant, but that we are not ready to permanently delete just in case we ever want to revive that flavor in the future!

We archive our items by hovering to the left of our item so that an arrow appears. When we click the arrow, we can select "Archive" from the bottom of our item's settings menu like this:


You can archive several items at once using Batch Actions. Just click to the left of each item to select it, and then click "Archive" in the Batch Actions menu below, like we've done here:



Note: If you have accidentally deleted an item, subitem, group or board instead of archiving it, you can always find it in your recycle bin!


Archive Automatically

Instead of archiving items manually each time we want to clean up our board, we can set up Automations to systematically archive items that we don't need anymore! You can even search "archive" in the Automations Center search bar to see all of the options! Let's check out a few:


Our "Ice Cream Orders" board keeps track of the quantities of all of our flavors and when we need to order more from our headquarters. Once the deadline has passed, and the flavor was successfully delivered and stocked, we don't need the item on the board anymore. 


We decided to add the Automation below to archive the item for us every time the deadline arrives and the order status is set to "Delivered": 


A similar Automation will archive the item only after the deadline has passed: 


And voilà! 😃


Unarchive a board

The best thing about archiving boards, groups, items and subitems besides decluttering our workspace) is having the option to restore them if we ever need to! Let's take a look at how we can restore some of our archived data!

There are a couple of ways to unarchive a board. Let's take a look!

  • My Account

Click on your profile picture and then click 'Archived boards' like this:


You'll be able to see a list of every board you've archived in the past. To unarchive a board, all you have to do is click "Restore" like this:



  • Search Everything & Board Menu 

You can use the Search Everything field to quickly unarchive your boards. Click the magnifying glass icon in the left panel above your profile picture right here:


 Under "Quick Searches", click 'Archived Boards' to see a list of all of your archived boards like this:


Once you find the board, click into it. Then, go to the board menu (3-dot-menu) on the top right corner. Click on "Delete/Archive board", then click "Unarchive".



  • Tidy Up

 If you're an admin for your account, you can use admin settings to restore archived boards. Click your profile picture, and select 'Admin'. 


From the admin settings, click 'Tidy Up' in your blue vertical menu, and then go to the 'Archived Boards' tab. Here, you can see a list of all archived boards in your account. You can choose to view the board or to restore it by clicking "Restore" right here:



Unarchive a group, item or subitem

We just came out with an amazing idea for how to improve a flavor that wasn't so popular in the past. We discontinued the flavor in our stores, so we archived the item in our board. Along with our flavor, we archived a group of "Promotions" that we're thinking of bringing back to promote our new flavor launch! Let's go back to our board and unarchive our item and group!

At the top right corner of our board, we'll click the 3-dot-menu and then select 'Board settings' and 'Archived history' like this:


Here, we can see all of the items, subitems and groups archived from this board! We can identify the type of archived data to the left of each row where either "item", "subitem" or "group" is indicated. To unarchive, all we have to do is click "Restore" like this:


If we don't need to restore the item, but we just want to take a look at it to remember a detail about it, we can click on the item in our board's archives to open the item card!


Tip:  If we archived an item or group but we can't remember what board it was from, we can search for it by name using the Search Everything bar! Make sure you click "Search archives" so that your search results will be from your archives rather than your current data, like this:




If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Success Team here. We'd be happy to help 24/7!