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How to assign tasks to your teammates

When there are a lot of tasks to be done, there can be confusion and lack of clarity between teammates. The best way to improve efficiency and organization within a team, is to assign responsibilities! Assigning tasks to your teammates ensures that everyone knows what their roles are, and can see which members are working on related tasks so they can collaborate to crush the team's goals together!


How can I assign tasks?

Assign items on your board to anyone in your account using the People Column! Let's add it to our board!

Click the '+' sign to the right of your columns to add a new column! You can find the People Column under the "Essentials" category or search for it in the search bar!


Once you've added the column, you can assign team members to your tasks by clicking the cell and typing the name of your teammate!


You can assign multiple people and even entire teams using the People Column:


When a task is assigned, the teammate it was assigned to will receive a bell notification so they always stay up to date with their responsibilities!


Users can also choose to receive e-mail notifications


Can I assign tasks to users who are not in my account?

Tagging team members using the People Column only works for users in your account. To assign tasks to team members who are not in your account, you can either invite them to join your account or use the Text Column! 


Type the assignee's name in the cell in the Text Column so that everyone on your team knows who's responsible for that task!


Where can I see all of my tasks?

There are a few ways you can see all of the tasks assigned to you in one place! Let's go through each of them together. 

  • Board Filter

At the top right corner of every board, there are a few filter options. When you click the people icon, you can choose to filter by the people assigned in the People Column! You can choose as many people as you want, or just choose yourself to see which tasks on this board are your responsibility!

You can even click "Save as new view" to return to this filter whenever you want!


  • My Week

Head over to "My Week" by clicking the calendar icon in the left panel above your profile picture. This feature works by collecting all tasks assigned to you and/or your team members across your account. My Week works with tasks assigned through the People Column. To make that feature even more efficient, we recommend to use a date or timeline column for each of your tasks on your boards. 

When clicking on My Week, you will see by default all the tasks assigned to you for the current week. 


  • Search Everything

Click the magnifying glass in the left pane above your profile picture to open up Search Everything. From here, you can search your own name to see all the items assigned to you across all of your boards! Try this with any of your team members!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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