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My Work



My work is a great way to see everything you and your team need to accomplish in a convenient, easy-to-use space. It works by showcasing all tasks across your monday.com account that have been assigned to you. Visualize all your work in one place and stay on top of your tasks with My work! 📆 


What is My Work?

My work collects all of your assigned tasks so you can take a look at all items in one place. Rather than having to jump between boards and dashboards to check what's happening, My work centralizes this information for your convenience. You can also customize it according to your needs! 🎊 


Tip: Are you using My work on your mobile app? Check out our My work mobile app article here for some helpful information. 😊 


How does it work?

Start using My work by clicking on the calendar checklist icon located in your left panel. When you hover over the icon, it will say "My work".


Here, you will be able to track daily tasks assigned to you from all the boards in your account. This means that in order to see items appear in My work, it is crucial that you have a People Column and you are assigned to the items you wish to see. It is also important to set up a Status Column on your boards to indicate the progress of that item. 


Note: You can also see tasks assigned to anyone else in your account. This is done in the customization settings!


What information can I see?

The items and subitems in My work are formatted similarly to how they appear on your boards. 

See how My work is structured
  • Item name, subitems, and Updates section 
  • Name of associated board
  • Name of the group
  • People Column showing yourself and whoever else is assigned to the item
  • Date Column
  • Status Column
  • Priority Column




Your subitems will appear like the rest of your items with some key differences. In the "Board" section, you will see "Subitems of..." followed by the name of the board it is associated with. Additionally, you are able to see the original parent item it corresponds to by clicking on the subitem icon next to its name.



Note: There is a limit of 250 boards or 1000 items that can be showcased in My work and subitems are considered as part of the original item. You will receive a pop-up notification once the limit is reached.


How do items appear?

Items are categorized in six sections according to date (or no date) and there is a number next to each group that indicates how many items are in each section. 


See the categories
  • Past dates - All dates that have passed
  • Today - Today's date
  • This week - Dates coming up in the current week, excluding today's date
  • Next Week - Dates in the upcoming week
  • Later - Dates following the upcoming week
  • Without a date - No assigned date


Note: Items will appear in the "Past dates", "Today", "This week", "Next week", and "Later" sections based on the date assigned in the Date Column. However, it is not mandatory for items to have a Date Column to be shown in My work and items without a date will be showcased in the "Without a date" section.


Search for items in My work

If you're a little overwhelmed by the number of items you see in My work, you're not alone. Some items are not always relevant, so we've added a keyword search bar for you to narrow down your items and easily find what you're looking for!



Note: In order for an item to show in your My work section, the item must be updated within the last 4 months. Items without an update within that time frame will not appear. 


Hide done items

While My work is a great place to see everything in the entire account that has been assigned to you, you may find it more helpful to only view tasks you have yet to complete. For this reason, we've added a "Hide done items" option! When you click this box, My work will filter out all items marked as “Done”, or with any other status label defined in the status column settings as completed.




Tip: Check out this article to learn how to define which label and color mean your item is "Done"!


Customize what you see in My work

From choosing which boards appear to the specific people and columns that are showcased, you can customize your My work settings based on your preferences. To open the customization settings menu, click the "Customize" icon and choose the boards, columns and people you'd like to see.  




  • People

You can select whose assigned items you want to appear in My work. Choose yourself or any of the team members or guests in your account!

  • Boards

You can choose to display or hide items from certain boards in your account! By default, all account boards are visible in My work. To hide a board, just click the blue box to the right of the board's name.  

Note: The boards you hide in My work are only hidden within My work and not anywhere else in your account. 


  • Status and Date Column

If any of your boards have more than one Status or Date Column, you can use the drop-down menu to choose which ones you'd like to see in My work for each of your boards. If any of your boards have only one Status or Date Column, it will be automatically selected by default. 

While it is possible to edit status labels from within My work, since the items in My work are gathered from different boards, the status change will apply only to the specific item from a particular connected board, and not to all the status columns shown in My work. 


Attention: My work uses the selected Date Columns to organize your items in chronological order. If the correct Date Columns are not selected, you may not see your upcoming items in the right section of My work. 


Note: Viewers are able to view and customize the information found in My work, but do not have editing privileges. For more information on user types, check out this article


My work views 

Wanting to narrow down on specific details on your My work page? There are different viewing options which can be accessed from the top of your page, by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the search bar. From here you can choose to view your My work page by date, status, priority, board, or single list. 

My work- Choose view.png


You can also toggle to the Calendar view by clicking on the second tab next to "Table" at the top of your page. Here you will be able to see your items within a calendar view, and edit items from within the calendar by clicking on the item.

My work- calendar view.gif


Add items directly in My Work

For efficiency and ease, you can add items from within your My Work page. To add an item, click on the "New item" button at the top left-hand corner of the page. From here you can name your item, select which board and group to add the item to, and select the date for the item. 

My Work- Add Item.gif


Edit items without leaving My work 

There's no need to maneuver back and forth between My work and your boards to edit items! You can edit items straight from My work by clicking any of the sections to make changes or by clicking the item's name to open the Item CardYou can edit anything right from the Item Card, including Updates, and changes will be automatically reflected on the board.  



Having issues viewing items in My work?

If you're experiencing issues viewing the items you want to see in My work, check out our special troubleshooting guide that covers the most common reasons why you may not see some items in My work. 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.