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My Work

My Work is a great way for you to see everything you and your team need to accomplish. It works by collecting all the tasks across your monday.com account that have been assigned to you and organizing them based on when they are due. It's a great way to visualize all of your work in one place! 📆 


What is My Work?

My Work collects all your assigned tasks from across the entire account so that you can take a look at all of your items in one place. Rather than having to jump between your boards and dashboards to check what's coming up, My Work brings them all to you. If you're thinking that this sounds a little bit like My Week, you're right! So what changed? Well, we listened to all your concerns when it came to My Week and we flipped it on its head, giving you only the best aspects of a beloved feature. Let's check it out together. 


How does it work?

To open up My Work, click the brand new checklist icon in your left panel. When you hover over the icon, it should say "My Work".


Here, you will find all of the tasks that have been assigned to you on any of the boards in your account. This means that in order to see an item appear in My Work, you will need to first make sure that there is a People Column on the board and that you are assigned.


The items in My Work are organized according to the Date Column on the board. Other columns that indicate the priority or status of your items are not considered when listing the items. 

Note: There is a limit of 1000 items that can be showcased in this feature. 


What information can I see here?

The items and subitems in My Work are formatted similarly to how they appear on your board and follow this structure from left to right:

  • the item name and Updates Section 
  • the name of your board
  • the name of your group, marked with a dot matching the color of the group within your board
  • the People Column, showing who is assigned to the task. You may see just yourself here, or yourself and other team members.
  • a Date Column from your board
  • a Status Column from your board


If you have subitems on your boards, they will appear exactly like the rest of your items with a few differences:

  1. An icon indicating that it is a subitem right beside the subitem's name 
  2. If you hover over the subitem icon, you will see the name of the parent item
  3. Under the "Board" column, you will see "Subitems of..." followed by the name of the board



What order do the items appear in?

The items that appear in My Work are items that were assigned to you, or that you have assigned to yourself. They are organized into 5 chronological sections. Beside each section, there is a number that indicates how many items are in the section. Let's check them each out:


  • Today

This section is at the very top of your My Work page and shows you all of the tasks you have marked with today's date. By tomorrow, everything here will be moved to the "Past dates" group or will disappear as you mark them "Done" if that's how you've set up your My Work (we'll show you how a little later in this article)

  • This week

The items in this section are all marked with a date this week, excluding today's date. They appear in chronological order with the earliest date at the top. For example, if today is Wednesday, you will see items due on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

  • Later

All of the items in this section have a date beyond this week. You will see here anything between a few days from today all the way to dates in upcoming years. They appear in chronological order, with the earliest date at the top to later dates descending. 

  • Past dates

The items in this section all have dates that have passed, excluding dates this week (which will still be found in the "This week" section). They appear in chronological order, with the earliest date at the top to later dates descending. 

  • Without a date

All of the items in this section have not been assigned a date in the Date Column or come from a board without a Date Column. 


Hide done items

While My Work is a great place to see everything in the entire account that has been assigned to you, you may find it more helpful to view only upcoming tasks you still have to complete. For this reason, we've added a "Hide done items" button! When you tick this box, My Work will take your Status Column into consideration and filter out any items that have been marked as "Done". 




Tip: Check out this article to learn how to define which label and color mean that your item is done!


Determine which items are "done"

Often, we use the Status Column to indicate which items are done, but sometimes we use other columns or methods of organization, such as moving completed items to a "done" group. In these cases, we can use the item's drop-down menu to manually mark items as "done"!

To access the drop-down menu, just hover to the left of the item just as you would on a board, and click the arrow that appears. From this menu, you can select "Mark as done" as shown below:


You can also use this drop-down menu to:

  • Hide a board from My Week
  • Choose a different Status Column to display for each board
  • Choose a different Date Column to display for each board
  • Archive an item or subitem
  • Delete an item or subitem 

Customize what you see in My Work

You can customize your My Work settings, from which boards appear here all the way down to choosing specific columns. To open up the settings menu, click the "Customize" cogwheel, right here:


  • People

In this section, you can choose who's assigned items you want to appear in My Work. 


You can choose yourself or any of the team members or guests in your account. 



  • Boards

You can choose to display or hide items from certain boards in your account! Under "Boards" in the settings menu, you'll see a list of all the Main, Private, or Shareable Boards where you have been assigned to items. By default, all boards are visible in My Work. To hide a board, just tick the blue box to the right of the board's name. 



Note: The boards you hide in My Work are only hidden within My Work and not anywhere else in your account. 


  • Status Column

If any of your boards have more than one Status Column, you can use the drop-down menu to choose which one you'd like to see in My Work for each of your boards. If any of your boards have only one Status Column, it will be automatically selected by default. 


  • Date Column

If any of your boards have more than one Date Column, you can use the drop-down menu to choose which one you'd like to see in My Work for each of your boards. If any of your boards have only one Date Column, it will be automatically selected by default. 


Attention: Make sure to pay close attention to which Date Columns are selected in this section because My Work uses the selected Date Columns to organize your items in chronological order. If the correct Date Columns are not selected, you may not see your upcoming items in the right section in My Work. 


Edit items right from My Work 

There's no need to jump to your board to see more information when everything you need to know about your item is found right here, including the Updates Section! You can even edit your items right from My Work by clicking any of the visible column cells to make changes, or by clicking the item's name to open the item card! 


From the item card, you can see the Updates Section of the item and all of the columns and column values. You can edit anything right from the item card, and changes will be automatically reflected directly in the board. 



Filter the items in My Work

If you're a little overwhelmed by the number of items you see here in My Work, you're not alone! But don't worry, we know that not everything here is relevant to you right now, so we've added a keyword search to filter or narrow down your items so that you only see what you need to! 



What's next?

This is a brand new feature that has just been released! We have big plans so you can expect lots of awesome improvements coming soon! Up next will be the ability to sort the items in My Work! We'll also be adding the option to hide certain items from view so that you don't have to see items that you don't need to keep an eye on. 



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!