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Troubleshoot: My Work


Are you having trouble viewing the items you want to see in My Work? We understand how frustrating it can be when you run into unexpected behavior. That's why we're happy to help. Read through the information to find the support you need. 😊         




This article will cover the following most common reasons why you may not see some items in My Work:


Item limit has been reached

There is a limit of 1000 items that can be showcased in My Work. You will receive a pop-up notification once this limit has been reached and our system will keep reminding you of this reached limit when using My Work. Subitems are considered as part of the original item, so they are not counted as extra toward the 1000 item limit. 


Tip: You may not be able to see items from all of your boards if you have reached the 1000 item limit. If you are experiencing this issue, try to hide unnecessary boards in your customization settings.


Note: At the moment, there is no way to exclude or hide items without a date from My Work. You will need to hide the boards these items are coming from in order to not exceed your 1000 item limit. 


Item is hidden within My Work

  • “Hide done items” option is activated and item’s status has been marked as completed

Is there a chance the item you’re looking for is labeled as “Done”, or with another label defined in your status column settings as completed? First, check if the "Hide done items" option is activated. If this option is activated, there will be a blue check mark next to it at the top left of the screen. Press the check mark to deactivate this option and see if the item you are looking for appears.


Tip: If the item appears, but the label should not be indicating that the item is complete, then you can edit the status column settings to amend this.




Note: Items which have not been updated for over 4 months will not appear in your My Work. As long as other limitations are not present, updating your item will reissue the item in your My Work section. 


  • Item is hidden within a collapsed section

Sections within My Work have the option to be collapsed in order to hide certain items you may not want to see everyday. If a section is collapsed, it will still show the number of items within the section next to its heading, but will not show the item. Press on the collapse box next to the section to see the items in it. However, if you search for the item in the search bar, the item will appear even if it's in a collapsed section!




Item is not assigned in the People Column 

  • Item does not have a person assigned to it

In order to see items appear in My Work, it is crucial that you have a People Column in your boards and you are assigned to the items you want to see. 


  • Item has an older version of the People Column

If your board is older, check its People column to see if there is an option to convert the column to a newer People Column within the column settings. Press the dropdown button from within the column and click on "Change column type" and then "People." If the option to convert to a newer People column is unavailable, your column is up to date.




User assigned is not selected in customization settings

In My Work, you are able to see the items assigned to anyone in your account. The settings will automatically show your items as a default, but you can choose another person, team or guest in your account in your customization settings:




Note: If you only follow your individually assigned items, items from any teams you are a part of will not be showcased. If you wish to see items assigned to a team you are a part of, you will need to follow your team in the customization settings.



Are guests and viewers able to use My Work?

Good news! Guests are able to use My Work and can view, edit and customize items shown in Shareable Boards. Viewers have access to the Main, Shareable, and Private boards that are shared with them, but can only customize, and are unable to edit items in My Work.


Are mirror columns supported in My Work?

Currently, Mirror columns are not supported in My Work. Items will not show up if you have mirror columns as your Date or Timeline columns.


Note: If you choose to showcase a Timeline Column as the Date Column in My Work, items will be showcased by the end date of the timeline and not the start date.





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.