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What are Shareable Boards?

What are shareable boards?

Shareable Boards are boards that you can share with outside users (guests) such as contractors, clients, freelancers, lawyers, graphic designers, etc. It gives you the ability to collaborate on specific projects with your outside users without giving them access to your full account, making it helpful in keeping track of their progress and yours. 

Why are they useful? 

  • Similar to Private Boards, they can only be seen and used by their subscribers, whether those are company members or guests. The idea behind shareable boards is that you have the ability to share projects with guests without allowing access to the full account.  


  • Your guests will only be able to see the shareable boards you are sharing with them and will not see any other boards. Below is an example of what an guest's account looks like: 


  • Check out this article to learn more about what your guests can and cannot do. 
  • There are two types of guests: single-board guests and multi-board guests. A single-board guest is a guest invited to one shareable board only. If a guest is invited to more than one shareable board, then he will be a multi-board guest.
  • Shareable boards can be found in the Standard plan for 4 single-board guests equaling 1 team member. If you upgrade to the PRO plan, you'll receive UNLIMITED single board guests 😊 To understand better how it works, check out this article.

How to invite guests to my shareable board?

Check out this article to learn step by step how to invite a guest to a shareable board. 
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