What are Private Boards?

Private boards are found on the PRO plan and are meant to only be seen by the user and anyone that s/he invites into the board. This is great for when you would like to create a project, to do list or plan before executing it to your team.

A few facts about Private Boards:

  • All private board pulses are private and can be viewed and used by the subscribers of that specific Private Board.
  • Only the owner of a Private Board can add subscribers to the Board. 
  • They are not searchable, meaning that they will not appear in search results (not even for the company admin).
  • The owner of the Private board may share it with other members of their account by clicking Manage Subscribers.

Once you create a Private Board, you will see it open up to only those who are a part of it as seen below.


If you have any questions about Private Boards or anything else, feel free to reach out to us at our customer success team at [email protected]

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