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What are Private Boards?

Private boards are found on the PRO plan and are meant to only be seen by the user and anyone that they choose to invite to the board. This is great for when you would like to create a project, to-do list, or plan before executing it to your team.



A few facts about private boards

  • All private board items are private and can be viewed and used by the subscribers of that specific Private Board.
  • Only the owner of a Private Board can add subscribers to the Board. 
  • They are not searchable, meaning that they will not appear in search results.
  • The owner of the Private board may share it with other members of their account by clicking Manage Subscribers.
  • If you are an admin and looking to export the account data, this will export all private boards as well. 
Note: Admins of an Enterprise plan will be able to view high-level details of a Private board such as its name, subscribers, and creation date via the content directory.


To learn more about the different board types, check out this article


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