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Here at monday.com, we are constantly aiming to improve the way in which entire companies collaborate in order to boost team productivity and efficiency. monday.com’s workspaces provide your account with a hierarchy of organization to help you better manage multiple departments, teams, and projects in one unified place.

With so much going on around you, you can now stay focused on what's relevant to you, while at the same time easily navigating across teams, departments, or projects. 🙌


Tip: To learn about workspaces on the mobile app, check out this article


When you first create a new account, you'll find a Workspace added to it by default titled "Main workspace". This workspace can be used to manage and collaborate on all company-wide boards, since all team members are in this workspace. 


Note: There is no "Main Workspace" on our monday products



Note: The default space that is created with your account is the Main workspace. You cannot remove members, delete, or change the Main workspace to another type


If you do not see the workspace navigation section on the left side of your screen, it may be because it is currently collapsed. Simply click on the arrow to open the navigation as so: 



Creating workspaces

To create a new workspace, click to open the workspace dropdown menu at the top left of your screen and select "Add workspace" as so:


After naming and creating workspaces, team members can then simply move the boards to the relevant workspaces to help keep things organized. There is no limit on the amount of Workspaces that can be created!


Enterprise accounts have the option to create closed workspaces. Closed workspaces can only be accessed by other team members via request or invitation. If you are part of an Enterprise account, you can select the "Closed" button at the bottom of the "Add new workspace" box, when creating your Workspace. 

Private Workspace.gif


Note: If you are part of an Enterprise account and want to learn more, head over to this section of the article.


Managing team members 

  • Subscribing team members to workspaces

After creating your workspace, you can invite whoever you would like to it by clicking into the "Members" tab and adding the name of the user you want to invite. Workspace members will have access to all Main boards in the workspace, as well as any Private and Shareable boards to which they're subscribed. 



  • Joining or leaving a workspace

Joining a workspace can be done by clicking on the name of the workspace, then clicking on "Join workspace" on the top right corner. All team members can join, including admins and viewers, except for guests.

With closed workspaces, on the other hand, will have the option to "Request to Join", which will prompt a request to the workspace owner to approve this. Once you've joined the workspace, you can leave using the same button.



  • Removing team members from workspaces

When clicking on the workspace name, workspace owners can see all team members who have joined the workspace in the "Members" tab. By clicking on the "x" to the right of a member's name, they can then remove team members accordingly, to keep the relevant people in the loop.



Navigating between workspaces

You can easily switch between workspaces by using the workspace dropdown menu on the top left of your screen:



From this menu, you can search or scroll to locate the relevant workspace! When selecting your a workspace, you'll be directed to its homepage, where you can quickly navigate to recently visited boards/dashboards and manage the subscribers and permissions (available on the Enterprise plan only), and more of that workspace.



The order of workspaces

When clicking into the dropdown menu, you'll first see your own Favorites section. Following this, you'll see the workspaces that you are subscribed to listed in alphabetical order, following the main account workspace. 



When scrolling down, you'll find a section titled "Workspaces I collaborate on". Here, you can easily locate workspaces that you are not subscribed to, but that you are subscribed to a board or a dashboard within them.



Browse all workspaces

To browse all workspaces on your account, including those that you are not subscribed to and do not appear in the dropdown, simply click on the "Browse all" button at the bottom of the navigation screen as so:



Customizing your workspace

Each workspace can be customized from its homepage to make it more personal and to reflect the nature of that department, team, or project. You can add a workspace description, change the Workspace name, customize the cover photo, and add a workspace icon.

To rename your Workspace, simply click on the text-box with the name of the Workspace and change the name to suit your needs. 

Rename Workspace.gif


To customize the cover photo, hover over it and click on "Change cover" on the top right. Then, you can choose a color, select one of our pre-set cover photos, or even upload your own to fully personalize the look and feel of your workspace!



To customize the workspace icon background color and image, click on "Edit" on the workspace avatar.


These customized icons will appear in the dropdown menu, making it easier than ever to jump around different workspaces and collaborate with other teams.



Moving boards from one workspace to another

Boards can be moved from one workspace to another by clicking on the three-dot-menu next to the board name, pressing "Move to" and then "Move to workspace". Only the board owner and the admins of an account can move boards to workspaces that they are a part of.



Deleting workspaces

Deleting a workspace can be done from the workspace homepage. From there, click on the three-dot-menu on the top right corner of the page and select "Delete workspace". 


Note: Deleting a workspace will archive all boards and delete all dashboards within it, including those that are private. You can restore individual boards from the Archives section and dashboards from the Recycle Bin within 30 days.


Workspace templates

Do you have some processes or workflows with multiple boards that you'd like to replicate for other teams across your organization? If so, you're in luck! You can now create a workspace template so you can easily recreate the same exact Workspace structure (filled with boards, dashboards, Workforms, and more!) across your account.

Note: Workspace templates are available on our Pro and Enterprise plans.



To set a workspace template, click on the three-dot menu to the right of your workspace name from the left pane of your account. Then, select "Save as template" as shown below.



Note: Your boards must be set to "Main" in order to appear in a workspace template. Private or Shareable boards will not be carried over in a Workspace template.



If you've made changes to any of the boards, workdocs, dashboards and more within your workspace template, you can save the changes to the template with the click of a button!

All you have to do is select the "Publish changes" button at the top right corner, and then all the changes made across the Workspace will now be available the next time that someone goes to create a new workspace from the template. When hovering over the "Publish changes" button, you'll see who last published changes to the workspace template and when.

Group 1 - 2023-11-05T095031.663.png


Note: Boards, workdocs, and dashboards in the workspace template will take on the permissions of the workspace, but can be changed manually by the workspace admin. 



To access and use a workspace template, click on the blue plus sign on the left pane of your account and select "Choose from templates". Then, either search for the name of your workspace, or click into the "Templates created in your account" category to locate it. Then, all you have to do is select the blue "Use Template" button and you're all set!


Note: When creating a workspace template, there is a limit in place of 10 total boards, dashboards, and docs, 500 items across the Workspace, and 50 files across the workspace. Workspaces that exceed this cannot be templated.



To remove a templated workspace from the template center, enter into that workspace and click on the three-dot menu to the right of its name from within the left pane on your account. Then, from the menu that appears, select "Remove from templates" as below.


Note: Only the specific user who saved the Workspace as a template will be able to remove it from the template center.


Organize further with folders

Under each separate workspace, you can add folders to further group related boards and organize work processes better. Folders add an extra layer of detail and organization and ensure that your account is always manageable for your teams.



Types of workspaces

Note: The following section is relevant only for accounts on the Enterprise plan.


With Open workspaces:

  • Any team member can join an Open workspace.
  • Any team member will have access to all Main boards in all Open workspaces and any Private/Shareable boards they have been invited to.

With Closed workspaces:

  • Any team members can join by invite or request to join.
  • Once joining, they have access to all Main boards within that workspace, and any Private/Shareable boards they've been invited to.
  • Any team member subscribed to a board from a closed workspace will have access to that board but will not be able to see anything else within the workspace.
  • Main boards in Closed workspaces are accessible only to team members who have joined the workspace (and board subscribers as mentioned above).
  • These workspaces will be marked with a lock symbol, indicating a Closed workspace. 


Note: Admins of an Enterprise plan will be able to view high-level details of a Closed Workspace such as its name, subscribers, and creation date via the content directory.


Restrict who can create workspaces 

By default all team members can create a workspace. However, admins of an Enterprise plan can also manage who is able to create workspaces, allowing an extra level control. This can be done by clicking on your profile picture in the bottom left of your screen, then "Admin", and navigating to "Permissions":


Note: Enterprise accounts can also set up permissions within each workspace to restrict who can create boards, dashboards, automations, and more within it!



Who will see Main boards on my account?

All team members can access main boards in Open workspaces, through the QuickSwitch and Search Everything.  For workspaces they have joined, team members will see all main boards on their boards list. In Closed workspaces however, only members who are subscribed the workspace or to a specific board, will have access to them.


Who will see Private/Shareable boards on my account?

Only team members subscribed to those boards can access them in both Open and Closed workspaces. Guests will have access only to the Shareable boards to which they've been invited.


 Can Admins access all workspaces and boards in my account?

Admins can join Closed and Open workspaces without requesting access. As with team members, they will be able to access all Main boards in Open and Closed workspaces in the account, and any Private/Shareable boards to which they've been invited. However, if the admin has not been invited to a Private board, they will not have access to it. 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.