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What are workspaces?

Here at monday.com, we aim to improve the way in which your entire company collaborates to boost productivity and efficiency. Monday.com’s workspaces was created to help achieve exactly that! 



What are Workspaces?

We understand the pains of having many different departments and teams using one platform -  everything can quickly becomes messy and confusing as the teams and workloads grow. With that in mind, we've created Workspaces.

The Workspaces are here to help your organization better manage multiple departments, teams and projects in one unified place. They provide your account with a hierarchy of organization, allowing you to keep everything orderly as you seamlessly scale your account. 

With so much going on around you, you can now stay focused on what's relevant to you, while at the same time easily navigate across teams, departments or projects. 


Note: While this article explains Workspaces as an organizational tool, all Enterprise plans will be able to set up advanced Workspace permissions and customizations. To learn more about Advanced Workspace permissions, check this out.


Create a new Workspace 

To create a Workspace, hover over the heading "Workspaces" on the top of your boards list, click on the 3-dot-menu, then on "Create Workspaces".

By default, all users will see all newly created Workspaces on their left panel. Users can simply move the boards to other Workspaces to keep things organized in the relevant departments and industries. You can create as many workspaces as you want :)



Move a board from one Workspace to another

Boards can be moved from one Workspace to another, by right clicking on the board name and choosing  the relevant Workspace. In order to move a board to a specific Workspace, you'll need to subscribed to that target Workspace.



Note: You can also drag and drop boards from one Workspace to another to make it even easier!


Organize better using Folders

Under each separate Workspace, teams are able to add folders to group related boards and organize work processes better. Folders add an extra layer of detail and organization and ensure that your account is always manageable for your teams. To learn more about Folders, check this out. 


Reporting on Workspaces 

While each team can individually manage their day-to-day operations on their own Workspaces, data-driven insights and overviews can be drawn from across the Workspaces using dashboards. To learn more about reporting on monday.com, check this out.



Gain Quick Access with Favorites

For even quicker access and ease, add your frequently used boards from across the different Workspaces to Favorites.


Have any questions or feedback? Feel free to write us a comment below, or reach out to us at [email protected]!