What do my guests see and do on my shareable board?

Below is a listing of what guests can do and not do on a shareable board. 

My guests can:

  • Open new pulses within their Shareable Board.
  • Create a due date and sync to their calendar.
  • Change a status within a board that s/he invited to. 
  • Add comments and attachments within the board status and inside the pulses.

My guests cannot:

  • See the list of Boards and Pulses outside of their Shareable Board
  • Search anything outside of their Shareable Board
  • View any of the company’s activity
  • Open new shareable/main boards or invite other guests

The reason why guests cannot do the above is simply to protect your company's privacy. 

By the way... If you upgrade to the PRO plan, you'll receive UNLIMITED guest users :) Take a look at the pricing differences.

**NOTE: On the Standard plan 4 guests = 1 user, so for example, 10 guests = 3 users

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