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How to move content between products


Have you been using our brand new monday products? Do you have content (boards, dashboards, workdocs, etc.) located in one product that you'd like to move to another? If so, this article is for you!

In this article we'll review what products are and then learn about how your content can be moved from one product to another. Let's dive in! 


Introduction to products

Before we begin to learn about moving contents from one product to another, you may be asking yourself "What exactly are products?". Great question! In short, products are complete end-to-end products built on top of monday.com Work OS that address the entire needs of a specific use case.

We currently offer four different products which address the needs of marketing, CRM, project management, and software development, all while maintaining the ability for full connectivity between the products under the same account. 🙌


Tip: To learn more about the products that we offer, check out this article!


Available product types

We currently offer four different product types for you to choose from! They are:

  • monday marketer: a complete marketing product that connects all aspects of marketing work from social strategy and content planning, to cross-functional product launches and more, to build scalable and impact-driven growth.
  • monday sales CRM: the all-in-one CRM product that allows business owners and sales teams to manage all aspects of their sales cycle and customer data in one centralized place while increasing productivity significantly.
  • monday projects: a powerful project management product that provides one platform to strategize, execute, and collaborate on anything, from basic projects to complex portfolio management.
  • monday dev: a product built for software development teams to collaborate together on product roadmaps, sprints, release plans, customer feedback, backlogs, and much more, while staying connected to other departments at all times.

Now, let's learn all about how content can be moved from one product to another. 🙌


How to move content between products

Moving content between products is as easy as can be! Simply hover over the name of the content that you are looking to move from the left side and click on the three-dots that appear. Next, click on "Move to" and select the product that you'd like to move it to!



Who can move content?

Everyone can move content between products! The ability to move content is based on the workspace permissions, so if an account member is subscribed to the destination workspace and can create boards inside, then they will be able to move the boards there, whether the workspace is in a different product or not.

Note: Users that are not members of a given product won't be subscribed to any of the workspaces inside the product, and will therefore not be able to move content there.


What happens to the subscribed/assigned users?

If a board where a user is subscribed or assigned to items in it is moved to a different product which that user is not a member of, then they will not be able to edit content on this board, only view it.





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.