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Comments in monday workdocs


Communicating effectively with your team has never been easier with comments in monday workdocs! Comment on specific content within your workdoc, comment within the Updates Section, or add annotations on images and files and see your team's collaboration flourish in the process! Let's see how everything works! 


General Updates section in workdocs

Let's get started! Add general comments to your Doc Updates section to keep everyone on your team in the loop. To access the general Doc Updates Section, click on the comment icon in the upper right corner of your Doc. It will say "Comments" when you hover over it:




The Doc Updates section works just like the normal Updates section does in your boards! Tag team members in Updates, attach files in the Files Gallery, and keep all information in one place in Info Boxes like you're used to!




Comment on specific content

Perhaps you want to alert a team member to a certain section within your workdoc or you wish to highlight an image or file for your team to see. Our new comments feature within monday workdocs allows you to do just that!

To comment on specific content, highlight an area of text, an image, or a file and a toolbar will appear underneath. Click on the comment icon at the far right of the toolbar (it will say "Add comment" when you hover over it).  




Once the icon is clicked, a comment box will appear. Comment and mention others on your team with an "@" symbol. You also have the option to attach files, GIFs, and emojis! Find these options in the lower left corner of the comment box. 😊   




Tip: You will receive a bell notification when you are tagged in a comment within workdocs and will be able to like, reply, or resolve the comment according to your preferences! 


The specific content that has a comment associated with it will be highlighted in yellow and the comment will appear on the right side of the Doc. Other options, such as the ability to "Like", "Reply", and "Resolve" the comment are found at the bottom toolbar of the comment box.




Note: Clicking "Resolve" will delete the comment from the Doc. Only the creator of the comment is able to perform this action.


Open the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the comment box to access the following options:

  • Copy link to comment
  • Edit comment
  • Delete comment for everyone




Easily breeze through the Doc comments by clicking the up or down buttons at the top and bottom of the comment boxes:




Add comments as annotations on images and files

Add comments as annotations on images or files within the text of your workdoc and easily see them in the general Doc Updates section at any time, just like you would on your boards! Let's see how it works. 🎉 

After uploading an image or file, click on the full screen icon in the upper right corner of the image to open it in editing mode. Next, click the speech bubble that says "Comment" on the toolbar at the bottom of the image. Click anywhere on your image and you'll activate a comment box where you can type the specific comment you'd like associated with the image!




To view all comments on your image or file at once, click the "Updates" icon on the vertical menu on the right side of your screen when your image is in full screen mode. Each comment will be marked with a number, coordinating to the same number on the original image or video! This is ideal for collaborating on designs or graphics, for example!




Comment on images and files within comments section

If you'd like a comment on an image or file to be part of the comments section within the workdoc, first click on the image to highlight it. Next, click on the comment icon on the bottom toolbar as you would when you comment on specific text. Type your update in the comment box and voila! You can see the image's comment along with the other comments you have on the right side of your Doc!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.