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Workdoc permissions


To keep your information safe and secure, we offer several different types of account permissions. Workdoc permissions or restrictions are meant to give the owner of the workdoc control over what information can be changed and collaborated on.


Types of workdocs

Just like boards and dashboards, there are three types of workdocs:

Show me the three types of workdocs
  • Main workdoc- Main workdocs are visible to anyone who is a team member within your account. A team member can be an admin, a member, or a viewer. To learn more about the difference between each type, check out this article. Anything you will create in this workdoc will be accessible and transparent to your team members.
  • Private workdoc  - Private workdocs can only be seen by the person who created the workdoc and by the specific team members they invite to join the workdoc. Private workdocs are only for internal users (viewers and team members), meaning that you cannot invite guests to them.
  • Shareable workdoc - Shareable workdocs are used when you want to share a workdoc with people outside your team or company, such as clients, interns, or freelancers. You can invite these people as guests within your account in order to collaborate with them. When you invite a guest to a Shareable workdoc, they will only have access to the specific workdoc they have been invited to, and will not have access to any other information within your account. You can also invite viewers or team members to your Shareable workdoc. 




Edit permissions 

There are two different types of edit permissions that you can implement in your workdoc:

  • Only workdoc owners - Only workdoc owners (members with a blue crown beside their name) can make edits to the docs.
  • Everyone who has access to this workdoc - Every account member with access to this workdoc can make edits. This means that if it is a main workdoc, anyone with access to the workspace it was created in can make edits. If it is a private or shareable workdoc, any member of the workdoc will be able to make edits. 



You can change these permissions easily by clicking the "Share" button and then selecting one of the two options at the bottom of the pop-up window, as shown in the image above. 


Workdoc Column permissions

Admin can enable or disable the ability for members, viewers, or guests to create docs in the File Column or in the Doc Column. If you are an admin, head to the "Administration" section, click the "Permissions" tab, and choose which user type you'd like to enable or disable the "Create docs on items" action for. 




Sharing permissions

You can share your workdoc with external parties by generating a public link. This link can be copied and forwarded to anyone, whether or not they are account members. To ensure the privacy and security of your account data, there are some permissions and measures in place. This includes some workdoc features that are not visible in the public link. 


The following features are not visible:
  • Embedded boards
  • Embedded widgets
  • Attached files
  • Comments
  • Uploaded videos 


Enabling and disabling sharing 

Account admin and workdoc owners have the ability to turn this feature on and off. Workdoc members cannot generate a public link. 


Note: You can always identify a workdoc that is available by public link because there will be a blue banner across the top of the workdoc with the option to preview the link. 


To disable the link, simply toggle the button "Off". The link will disappear from this window, and anyone with access to the link will receive an error message when attempting to reach the webpage. If the page is open in somebody's browser, it may take up to 5 minutes for the browser to revoke access.




Sharing in Enterprise accounts

Enterprise account admin can disable and enable this feature for the entire account in the "Permissions" tab of the "Admin" section. 


Note: If the feature is disabled, no one in the account, whether they are account admin or workdoc owners, can generate public links for any workdocs in the account. 


Under "account roles", you can select "Admin" or "Member" and tick the "Broadcast docs on the web using public link" box marked in the image below. Viewers and guests cannot generate public links, so this section is not relevant to them. 

By default, this feature is disabled on all Enterprise accounts to prevent any members from releasing sensitive data without permission, but can be easily enabled by following the steps above. 








If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.