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monday workdocs version history


Collaborating on monday workdocs, whether it's with a few people or with a larger team, is now made easier with version history! Version history allows you to see the entire edit history of your workdoc at any given time and gives you the ability to restore the doc to older versions. That way, you never have to be worried about accidentally deleting something important—it will be right there for you to revert back to if you so choose! 📝 


How do I use it?

Version history is easily accessible in the three dot dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your workdoc. Click on "Version history" to open the pop-up window. 



One way to view your version history is to see the end result of each saved history—this means that you will see everything that was last saved without having the specific changes highlighted. Make sure the toggle switch is turned off next to "Show changes from previous version" at the top of your Doc.




If you're looking for more transparency, we've got you covered! Toggle the switch to "On" and you will be able to see the exact changes that were made from version to version! Additions to the doc will appear in green and anything removed will appear crossed out in red:




All of the versions will appear to the right of the Doc at all times, so you can see everyone who's collaborated and when! To restore a previous version, select the right one and click "Restore version" in the lower right corner of your workdoc.




Tip: Don't worry about restoring to an older version and losing all the edits made after the previous version! When you restore a version, a new version will be created and you will still be able to see all the previous edits made!


Stay tuned for more to come with this exciting feature!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.