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Column templates


Do you have multiple workflows that could benefit from using similar column structures? Have you customized a Status Column, for example, with many unique labels which you'd like to use again? Thanks to column templates, you can save and reuse your own tailor-made columns with the click of a couple buttons!

Follow the steps below to customize and template your favorite columns right away. 👇

Note: Column templates are only available on the Enterprise plan.


Customize a column

To begin, add any column type that you are looking to template onto your board and customize the column as you wish.

For example, in the Status Column below, we've changed the name to "Priority" and added many different colored labels to indicate the priority level of a task/item:


Now let's look at a different column type, such as the Numbers Column for example. Here, you may choose to customize the unit of the numbers displayed as below. 


Any customized changes that you make to a column such as this will be saved through templating the column!


Save it as a template 

Once you've customized your column to your heart's desire, it's time to save it as a template! To do so, click into the column menu, "Settings", and select "Save as a template".


Note: If you have column permissions enabled, they will not carry over in a templated column.


From there, you can name your template and add a description. Don't forget to click on "Save column as a template" to complete this process!


Note: At the moment it is not possible to edit a column template that you've created.


Use the templated column in your workflow!

After saving a column as a template, you can locate and add it to any board by clicking into the Column Center. From there, search for your templated column or scroll all the way down to the "Account Column Templates" section to select and add it to your board. 🎉


Note: If the templated column was created inside a closed workspace, it will appear only in the Column Center for that workspace's members.



That's all for now! With these three simple steps, you can easily create a template out of your favorite customized columns and implement them in any workflow. 🎉


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.