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The Timeline View

The Timeline View gives you a visual representation of the timelines of all your ongoing projects! You now have the possibility to view your timelines within one board or multiple boards (via your Dashboard)! It allows you to see at a glance the timeframe you and your team have to complete a task or project and to plan accordingly. This view works together with the Timeline Column to give you a visual overview of all your important dates and deadlines!        

How it works  

The Timeline View allows you to see all of your tasks together in one view! It's really great to use when you have projects or tasks that span over multiple days. You now have the option to view your timeline via Dashboard views or Board views. Dashboard views are views that allow you to create a report using widgets connected to one board. Board views are views that allow you to visualize your data. 🎉



Note: This view is available on our Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans only.


How to add the view on your board

After you have entered all of your data into the Timeline column, you're ready to set up your view! Click on the "Add View" button and select "Timeline" as demonstrated below under "Dashboard Views": 


Once you add views to your board, they become tabs that you can easily click to toggle between!  


How to add the view on your Dashboard

Once you choose the boards that you want to showcase, click on "Add widget" at the top of the Dashboard page to see the list of options and select "Widgets Center" as seen below. Once inside the Widgets Center, simply search for "Timeline" and select the view to add it to your Dashboard:




Settings and Customization

  • Choose time column

If you have more than one time column on your board (Timeline Column, Date Column, or Week Column), then you can choose which ones will be displayed in your Timeline View! Simply check or uncheck the box to the left of your column to indicate whether or not you'd like to see its data on your timeline. 


  • Group timeline bars

Here, you have the option to organize the bars in your Timeline View however you'd like! You can group them based on some of the columns on your board or by the groups on your board! This can help you manage your tasks, resources, or just give you a visual overview of where everything stands. 


Once you've chosen how you'd like to see your timeline bars grouped, you can customize it even further by collapsing and expanding certain groups! Just click the group to collapse, and then click again when you want to expand!




  • Color your items however you want

Your timeline automatically color codes your items according to which group they come from. For example, when you see green events, you know they are from your green-colored group, and when you see purple events, you know that they are from your purple-colored group. But you can use the drop-down menu to choose how you want them to be colored! You can choose to color by groups (using the colors of your groups), Status Column (using the colors of your labels), or People! 



By default, you will see a legend at the bottom of your screen, showing you what each of the colors on your timeline means. These will always coordinate with the settings you've chosen to color your items by! You can turn off this legend by deselecting "Show Color Legend" in the settings menu. 

  • Auto Fit your Timeline

We can click the "Auto Fit" button at the top of our view to automatically adjust our Timeline's zoom to show us our entire project at once!



  • Split View mode

You can view both your timeline and your board together on the same screen with the Split View mode! All you have to do is select 'Split View' at the bottom of the Settings menu. Return to see your Timeline in its regular mode by clicking 'Fullscreen View'. 




Time and Date Customization

  • Select timeframe

You can choose to view the items in your Timeline View by days, weeks, months, quarters, or years! Click the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of your screen to select a time scale. You can also use the '+' and '-' buttons to zoom in and out within any time scale. 



  • Set workdays and weekends

You can choose whether you want your timeline to display Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week! Click "Edit" beside "Set workdays" in the settings panel to be redirected to your account's weekday settings!


Once you are redirected to the admin section, choose either Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week. From here, also choose to hide or show weekends in the Timeline View and widget across the whole account!


Note:  Only the account admin is able to set workdays and weekends and this selection will be applied across the entire account. 


  • Show today indication

The blue bar running vertically through your board indicates today's date! This is a great point of reference so that you always know where you stand compared to the start and end dates on your timeline. It'll also always help you recenter and find today's date when you're scrolling back and forth through the calendar. If you don't like the appearance, you can remove the blue bar by deselecting "Show Today Indication" as shown in the image above. 


You can also jump to today by clicking the calendar icon at the top right side of your timeline's header, or click "Auto Fit" to view the zoom that will display all of your timeline bars at once. 


Include Milestones

Milestones are important dates, rather than a range of dates associated with a task or event. To set a milestone that will appear on your timeline, simply select one date, and click "Set as milestone" at the bottom of your calendar pop-up window (shown below). Milestones will appear in the shape of a diamond in your timeline and will be colored according to the item's status label!



In your Main Table View, a milestone will appear with a diamond to the left colored according to the group it belongs to. 


If your Timeline Column is set in Deadline Mode, the diamond will be colored according to the item's status. This means that if the item was done on time, the milestone will be green, and if it is overdue, it will appear red, like in the example below:


Once in the Timeline View on your Dashboard and regular board, you can right-click on any timeline bar to turn it into a milestone! Click "Set/remove milestone" turn a timeline bar into a milestone on the final date in the timeline. This means that if the item's timeline was from April 1st until April 4th, the milestone will be set to April 4th by default. You can always change the dates by clicking the item to open up the item card. 

If you want to remove a milestone, simply right-click the milestone and click "Set/remove milestone" to change it to a timeline bar of one day. 




Note: Milestones are only available from the Pro plan and up.


Update your items directly from the Timeline View

All you have to do is click any of the bars in the Timeline View to open up the item's card. From here, you can make any changes and updates without having to go back and forth to your Main Board View. These changes will be updated within your Main Board View as well!



Tip:  Need to shift the dates of dependent items on your timeline? That's easy! You can select the items you want and shift all their timelines by however many days you want. 



Right-click on any timeline bar to access a quick-actions menu! From here, you can set or remove milestones (as we discussed in a previous section), or you can edit, duplicate, delete, or archive the item! 


Filter your timeline

You can filter your timeline to display only the information you want to see! The filters can be applied temporarily, or saved for future reference. We'll click the funnel filter icon at the top of the screen, and then select all of the filters we want to use. We can filter using Advanced or Quick Filters


You can also filter your timeline by typing keywords into the search bar, filtering by person on your board.


Tip:  The number beside the filter icon represents the number of filters currently applied to your timeline. If you seem to be missing items, chances are you've applied a filter, so be sure to glance at the icon to know for sure!


Check out The Gantt View

If you like the Timeline View, you'll LOVE the Gantt View just as much as we do! It's similar to the Timeline View in the sense that your items are displayed across a calendar in the form of bars, but the Gantt View shows your items in a descending waterfall scheme for a more comprehensive visual. The Gantt View is a sophisticated and fully customizable tool that works flexibly with your project!



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!