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With monday CRM for Enterprise, manage your sales cycle from start to finish! Have full control over your sales pipeline, manage your contacts, streamline your post sales processes and sales enablement, all while seeing the big picture at a glance. In this guide, we will cover all the basics of this workflow as well as some amazing features that will skyrocket your productivity. Let's dive in!

Note: The core boards and columns of monday CRM are essential to the product's workflow and therefore are unable to be deleted or duplicated. Click here for more information. 


Import your leads

The very first step of this workflow is to import your leads into your leads board. Leads can be imported in multiple ways depending on your preferences. 


Show me how to import
  • They can be added manually
  • They can be automatically added through a monday form
  • They can be imported from other tools - Excel or Google Sheets for example
  • They can be added automatically through integrations with specific tools such as Facebook, Hubspot, Pipedrive.


In this board, we've also added a formula column "indication" that will automatically provide indications for the following situations: 

  • New account - The lead is new
  • Duplicated lead - The account and email address already exist in the system
  • Existing account - The account already exist but this is a new user



Qualify your leads 

Once your leads have been imported, your sales representatives will automatically be assigned to each of them. In this template, each rep is assigned to a lead based on the region but this can easily be customized by opening your automations center within the leads board.  

We've added several columns to score the lead based on the score, source, company size and more. This makes it easier for your team to spot at a glance which lead to prioritize.

Tip: These columns and criteria are fully customizable based on your needs





Manage your contacts

Once a lead is qualified, it will be automatically added to your contacts and accounts boards thanks to our automations. With these boards, you can keep record of all the information you need, including: email, phone, title, or any other data you’d like to manage.

Once a contact is created, it will automatically be linked to its relevant account from the accounts board thanks to the connect board column




Monitor your opportunities

Once a lead is qualified, it will automatically be moved to your opportunities board. With this board, you will be able to track the progress of all the opportunities your sales team is currently working on, making it easy for you to spot in a glance where each deal stands in the sales cycle.

Tip: This visual pipeline is fully customizable: add, edit or delete deal stages to fit your sales cycle. 


Use the people column to assign a sales rep and you will see that the "rep name" column will update automatically. The rep name is a connected board column that connects our opportunities to our team's board: 




Once an opportunity is won, a few things will happen automatically:

  • The actual value of the deal will automatically be updated
  • A new item with the opportunity's name will be added to the client onboarding board
  • A new item will be created in the "Invoices & Collections" board
  • The closing date will automatically be updated


Oversee your client's data

Get all the information you need in a single click! By clicking on any of the opportunities, you will be able to see multiple aspects of your customer's information all in one central place. 

Show me the widgets used
  • The number widget - to display specific information from your board into an easy-to-digest card. Say goodbye to endless scrolling through columns to find what you are looking for!
  • The Email & Activities widget - to stay on track and manage of all your communications and meetings.
  • The Connected Boards widget - to display data from any other boards without switching back and forth between boards. 





Integrate & track emails

To better communicate with your opportunities, use the Emails & Activities app. With this amazing feature, your team can manage hundreds of client or customer relationships from within monday.com. Send and receive emails, capture meeting notes, events, and more, all in one visually optimized timeline. 



Note: With your Enterprise plan, you will be able to personalize your emails with your own branding and signature and track whenever an email was opened by your recipients. You will also be able to create your own email templates. 



Capture all sales activity

Since client relationships are more than just emails, we’ve given you the power to keep track of all client activities too with the Emails & Activities app! From meetings to calls and more, log each interaction to see a full timeline of events in one, concise view.




Each activity created will automatically be added to the activities board. With all activities in one place, you will be able to create reports and track how many calls, meetings, or any activities were done by any sales rep. 


Tip: You can even take it a step further by integrating this board with your Google or Outlook calendar. Now, each time a meeting is created, it will also automatically appear in your calendar!



Create branded quotes

Enhance your workflow even more by adding the Quotes & Invoices app. This will allow you to easily create and share branded quotes based on the data you already have: contact and company information, and your products catalog. 


Forecast your sales 

Forecasting your possible revenue is an important part of your sales process. It will allow you to determine whether or not you are heading towards reaching your goals and therefore adjust your strategy. 

In our opportunities board, we've added a Formula Column (renamed to "Forecast Value") that calculates the forecast value by multiplying the deal value and close probability. You can then use the chart view to turn your data into a visual graph. 




Manage your post sales

Once a deal is won, it will automatically be moved to the client onboarding board. With this board, you can automatically hand off won opportunities to account managers, gain visibility into the progress of the onboarding and manage your renewals.


Our won deal will also automatically be added to the "invoices and collections" board. There, you can manage and track whether an invoice was sent, the collection status, and expected date.


Reach your goals

Manage your targets and your goals with Sales Teams and Attainment board. Each time a deal is won, a new item will be added to this board. Insert your monthly target for each team member and get automatic calculations of target goals.

Use the views to get analytics about your team's performance in a visual way. 




Note: The board is divided by type of teams, but can be customized and divided however suits your organization. 



Keep track of your KPIs

This workflow wouldn't be complete without a sales dashboard. Dashboards are a great way to display your key metrics and performance indicators in just one place. See where everything stands and make better informed decisions. All sales dashboard we've created for you are fully customizable based on your needs. Add, delete or change widgets to display information that matters to you and your team.



With this workflow in place, you’ll be well equipped to manage every aspect of their sales cycle in one centralized place.




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.