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The Automation center

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While there are some key differences between Automations and Integrations, you can access and set up both in the Automation center. Read on to learn more about the unified Automation center! 🤖 


How to locate it

To navigate to the Automation center, click on the "Integrate" or "Automate" buttons in the top right corner of your board. If you click either button, you will be directed to the Automation center:

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The default landing page in the Automation center is for Automation templates.

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You can navigate to Integration templates at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the Automation center:

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To learn all about automations and integrations, check out the "monday.com Automations" and "monday.com Integrations" articles.


Board automations page

When you click on the "Board automations" tab in the Automation Center, you will see a full list of all of your Automations and Integrations:

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Switching views

On the Board automations page, you have the option of viewing your automations or integrations in Comfortable view or Compact view. You can switch views in the top right corner of the page by clicking on the relevant icon.

  • Comfortable view

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  • Compact view

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Connections page

When you open the "Connections" tab, you'll see every integration connection that exists on your account:

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You can learn more about the "Connections" tab by checking out the "monday.com Integrations connection management" article.


Usage page

When you open the Usage tab, you'll see your automation and integration usage data:

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To learn more about what you can see on the Usage page and how to filter it, check out the "The Account usage page" article.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.