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monday.com Integrations connection management


With monday.com integrations, anything is possible 🛸 But with all the integrations your account may use, how do you keep track and stay organized?

The Connections Management page allows users to be in control of their integrations to external software at all times. Additionally, it provides transparency for Admins to see what connections have been made across their account.


User Connections Management page

As a user you can access your Connections Management page by clicking on the automate button at the top of your board. Select the "Connections" tab at the top of the Automation center, which will open the list of Integrations being used by you on your monday.com account. 

Integration Management Page- Users (1).gif


From this page, users can see:

  • Apps: which connections have been made with monday.com internal integrations. Note: 

Integration Management- Users Page.png


Note: At present only internal integration through monday.com will appear in the Connections Management page, and not apps purchased from the App Marketplace.


  • Connections: the name of the connection

Integration Management- User Page Connections.png

  • Boards: which boards are connected to the integration. By clicking on the board name, you will redirected to that specific board's automations. 

Integration Management Page- Users Boards.png

  • Automations: the number of automations that have been built using that connection 

Integration Management- Users Page Automations.png

  • Last updated: The timeframe that the integration was added by the user

Integration Management- Users Page Last Updated.png

  • Status: whether or not the integration is connected or disconnected. By clicking on "disconnected" you will be redirected to the integrated app to log in and correct the issue. 

Integration Management- User Page Status.png


Note: Clicking on the three dots next to the status of the integration will provide you with the option to "Reconnect", or to "Delete" the integration


Tip: You can use the "Filter" icon at the top of the page to filter your integrations by App, Connections, and Boards. 


Admins Connections Management page 

Admins can access the account Connections Management page by going to the Administration page. Click on your profile image in the top right-hand corner of your page. Once in the Administration page, select "Connections" from the left-hand panel, which will open up your "Automation Connections".

Integration Management Page- Admins.gif


The admin Connections Management page functions the same way as the individual user page, except that it shows all of the connections across the account. This version of the page also has an "Owner" column, which displays the name of the user who built the connection.

Connections Management- Admin Page Owner.png

By using the "Filter" icon next to the search bar, the admin can filter connections by "Owner" to see which user in particular created various integrations. 


Tip: As the admin, if you do not want users to connect their personal email addresses to the monday.com account, you can use the Connections Management page to see all Gmail or Outlook integrations to ensure that no personal accounts are being integrated. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.