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What to do when a member leaves your account


Who can use this feature:
Account Owners/Admins 
Available on all plans


It's never easy bidding farewell to a colleague 😔 But monday.com is here to make the transition as seamless as possible, ensuring a streamlined handover so you don't lose any productivity. This article will cover the essential elements in order that need managing by the admin during the handover process.


Make sure you're an admin

First and foremost, the changes that are being described in this article are reliant upon your being an admin of the account. You can see admins on your account by heading to the administration section. From this section, you can perform all the upcoming actions required to take over ownership from the member. If you are not an admin on the account, you need to request to change your user type by another account admin. 



Change over board ownerships 

There are specific permissions granted to owners of a board. To ensure that you have full access to the boards of your leaving member, you can transfer these boards into your ownership in one single step. On the administration page, under the Users category, select the Board Ownership tab at the top of the page. 




From here you can select the current owner of the boards and select yourself or any other account member as the new owner of all their boards. It's that simple! 


Redirect automations from the previous member

Automations allow members to streamline their work and ensure they are kept up to date with everything that is happening across their boards. When a member leaves, changing over ownership of these automations will assist in maintaining the status quo. To do this, head to your administration page, select the tab Users to the left of the page, and then select the tab Automation ownership at the top of the page. You can then select the current owner of automations and assign yourself as the new owner. 




Transfer integration ownership 

Our Integrations allow you to seamlessly connect monday.com to external platforms. Before a member leaves your account, you can transfer their integrations to another member. You will be prompted to do so during the process of deactivating the member:

Frame 11.png

All of the integration connections will be deactivated. The integrations will remain in place. The new user will be able to reactivate the automations using their own credentials:

Frame 12.png

You can view which integrations are being used on a specific board and reactivate them by selecting the Integrations icon at the top of the board, and selecting the Board Integrations tab:


Enterprise account holders can also reach out to their success team for a list of integrations on their account. You also have the option to use service accounts for critical integrations to avoid association with any individual user. A service account creates a system user that is never deleted, as it is not a real employee account. This ensures that those integrations are still up and running even when an employee leaves your team. 


Note: There are some limitations to this feature. At the moment, custom automations are not supported. Otherwise, app integrations by monday.com and integrations available in the marketplace are supported.



Change ownership of dashboards 

You can find all dashboards created by a member by heading to your administration section and selecting the Content directory tab on the left hand-side. From here, using the filter feature, you can search for all dashboards where the owner is your leaving member. Once you have the list, open one of the dashboards, head to the Share icon in the top left-hand corner and assign yourself as an owner. 


Changing ownership is only achievable if you are a member of this dashboard. Therefore, as an admin it is important that you be made a member of the various boards and dashboards on your account.




Tip:  If you are an Enterprise account holder, and would like to have the option to change the dashboard ownership without being a member of the dashboard, please contact your monday.com representative 


Deactivate the leaving member 

As an admin, the final step in the leaving process is to deactivate the user on your account. After deactivation, the user will no longer have access to the monday.com account that they were previously a part of.


Before you confirm the deactivation, a note-box will appear to inform you that all automations and integrations of that user will be deleted upon deactivation. This is a reminder to complete the previous steps in this article to ensure the transfer of these items into your ownership.




Tip: If you are using SCIM provisioning to deactivate users, you should make sure to complete all of the above steps before the user is automatically deactivated from your SSO provider



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.