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How to manage an auto-upgrade


Have you been charged for an auto-upgrade and wish to reverse the charge? Not to worry. Managing your billing is simple with monday.com!


Note: To manage anything billing-related you must be an Admin of the account and on the web version of monday.com (rather than the desktop app or mobile app).  


If you aren't an Admin and need to manage your billing, you can request that any Admin on your account make you an Admin. If you are an Admin and ready to revert back to your previous plan, read on.


What happens if you exceed your user limit?

Before any auto-upgrade, we send three emails to the Admin of the account warning that the account has exceeded the number of users allotted by the selected plan.

  • First Email: This email notifies the Admin of the situation. It explains that the account has more users than allowed on the current plan. It warns of an auto-upgrade. From the time that the first email is sent, the Admin then has 5 days to make changes.
  • Second Email: Two days after the number of users on the account has exceeded the plan allotment, a second email is sent to notify the Admin that the system will upgrade the account in three days.
  • Third Email: Four days after the number of users on the account has exceeded the plan allotment, a third email is sent to notify the Admin that the system will upgrade the account in one day.

If the Admin misses the 5-day deadline, the account will be auto-upgraded to the next user tier. For example, if you are on a Standard 10 User Monthly plan and you go from 10 users to 11 users, you will trigger an auto-upgrade from our system. If you do not remove the 11th user before the 5 days are up, your plan will be upgraded to the next user tier of the Standard Monthly plan.


What to do if you're charged for exceeding your user limit

You have the option to remain on the new plan or revert to your previous plan within 30 days of the auto-upgrade. If you wish to revert to your previous plan, the first step is to remove the extra user(s) from your account.


How to remove users

If you are the account admin and you'd like to remove users from your account, you can head to the "Administration" section of your account and click the "Users" tab. Find the user you'd like to deactivate (using the search function or by scrolling through the list) and click the 3-dot menu to the right of their user information and then "Deactivate user". 

Deactivate User.png


Note: This will deactivate the user from your account, meaning that they will no longer be a billable user. However, this will not permanently delete the user's details. To permanently delete a user's details, follow the instructions in this article.


How to change a user's type

If you prefer, you can keep the user(s) on the platform and change them to a non-billed user type. A non-billed user type is a Viewer or, on the Pro plan, a Guest. On the Standard plan, 4 Guests are billed as 1 user. This means that you have 3 Guests for free. You can check to see how many Guests and other Billed users you have on your account by clicking "See billed users". 

See Billed Users.png

On this page, you'll find a breakdown of the types of users on your accounts and how many seats have been filled. 

Current Users.png

To change a user's type, just click the dropdown menu beside the user's name and email and select the type you'd like to change this user to. 

User Role.png


Receiving a refund

Once you have removed the extra users, please reach out to our Support Team right here. We will revert your account back to your original plan and issue you a refund for the upgrade cost as long as you're within 30 days of the original forced upgrade.




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.