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The Activity Log



Wondering how to keep track of your team's activity? The Activity Log is your answer. Stay in the loop at all times by tracking board changes in one place.


Locating the Board Activity Log

The Board Activity Log shows all of a board's past activity in one list! Here, you can see changed Dates, Statuses, movement between groups, and much more!

To get to the Activity Log of your board, click "Activity" in the top right corner of your board, as shown below:



How it works

The information displayed on the Board Activity Log varies according to the plan you are on.


Activity log based on plan's type
  • On the Basic plan, you are able to see the activity from the past week only.
  • The Standard plan holds activity data for 6 months.
  • The Pro plan holds data for up to 1 year.
  • The Enterprise plan holds data for up to 5 years.

For more details about our plan types, click here


Each entry in the log is made up of this structure (from left to right):

  • When the change was made
  • Who made the change
  • The item or group name where the change was made
  • The column where the change was made
  • The previous value -> The new value

Here's an example:


Note: The Activity Log does not track any updates added to an item, it only tracks changes made to the item itself.


Track your Automations

You can even see changes made by Automations that you have set on your board! For example, here's a list of the Automations we use for this board:


Once an Automation has been triggered, the Board Activity Log is updated with the changes it was programmed to make! The robot icon representing Automations appears where the person who made the change is displayed as below:



Track permission changes

You can also see changes to the permissions on your board! For example, below you can see all of the recent changes to this board's permission settings:



Filtering the Activity Log

You can filter the Board Activity Log to display only the updates you need to see right now! Just click "Filter Log" and select which filters you want to apply. You can filter by person, time, group or column.



Note: The Filter Log is only available on the Pro and Enterprise plans. The Basic and Standard plans can only filter by who made the change.


Last Viewed

The Last Viewed Log shows you who on your team last looked at your board and when, so you know who's keeping up with your team's workflow and how often they're checking in. From your Board Activity Log, click the "Last Viewed" tab to launch this log, like we did here:



The Item Activity Log

The Item Activity Log tracks all updates made to an item! This log compiles updates from only one item, rather than from the whole board like the Board Activity Log. To open the log, first choose which item's updates you'd like to see, and then simply click anywhere in the item's first column! 


In the Item Activity Log, you can see a full history of the activity related to that item's updates and exactly when they occurred! All of the updates are organized with the most recent on top, and then descending from newest to oldest updates. 

Tip:  If you hover your mouse over the update's date, you will see the exact date and time the update was posted!


Click the "Activity Log" tab in the Updates window to view all changes that were made to this item. The changes are displayed just like in the Board Activity Log mentioned earlier in this article! The only difference is that here, you'll only see updates related to this specific item. 


 The Item Activity Log can also help you track when an item has been:

  • Created
  • Duplicated
  • Deleted
  • Archived
  • Restored


Filter your Item Activity Log

Sometimes the Item Activity Log can get really long and full of updates. If you're looking for something specific or only want to see certain updates, you can filter the list! You can filter by who made the change by clicking the People Column icon, or use the Filter Log option! Simply click 'Filter Log' to open the options window. Now, you can select filters such as when a change was made and which column a change was made in!



The Subitem Activity Log

Looking to track the different actions that you and your team performed on a board's Subitems? We created an Activity Log for your Subitems for this exact purpose!

To access the Subitems Activity Log, simply click to on a Subitem to open it up and then select "Activity Log". Here, you'll find an ongoing list of the actions performed on that given Subitem. 🙌



Export to Excel

You can even export your Item or Subitem Activity Log or Board Activity Log to Excel! It's really simple! Just click the Excel icon at the top right of your screen in the "Activity Log" tab and open the file created! 


Note: Only column value changes will be displayed when exporting the activity log — the creation, deletion, or moving of items will not show up here.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.