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The Timeline + Numeric Combo Column (The Duration Column)


Looking to instantly display the number of days that you've set in the Timeline Column? Or, conversely, are you wanting to automatically set a range of dates in your Timeline Column based off of a number you've inputed? We've got you covered!

Our brand new Timeline + Numeric feature (also known as the Duration Column) combines our fan-favorite Numbers Column with the Timeline Column to provide you with an easy way to adjust and display the duration of your dates. 🌟


How to add it

To add the Timeline + Numeric Combo, click on the plus sign on the far right of your board and select "More columns". From the Column Center, search for "Duration" or "Timeline + Numeric" to locate it and click on "Add to board" as so.




After finishing this step, you'll see two columns that have been added to your board: "Duration" and "Timeline".



How it works

The Duration and Timeline Columns work hand in hand by allowing you to display a range of dates (in the Timeline Column) and a corresponding number of days (in the Duration Column). Once you input data into one of the columns, you'll see the other adjust accordingly! Let's see the two ways in which this can be done.


Add a number in the Duration Column

One way to use the Timeline + Numeric column is by adding a number into the "Duration" column. By doing this, you'll instantly see a range of dates populated into the Timeline Column based off of the number that you inputted with the starting date as today's date!

As an example, for the "Project 1" item below, we've added 10 to the Duration Column. Since today is Feburary 7th, we can see that the range of dates Feb 7-Feb 16 (10 days total) were instantly added into the Timeline Column!



Note: The number inputed in the Duration Column will push the timeline only by workdays (excluding weekends) if the "Hide Weekends" account setting is enabled.


If you already have a range of dates added to the Timeline Column, by adding a number into the Duration column, the end date of your Timeline will be adjusted according to the number that you've inputed.



Add a range of dates in the Timeline Column

Another way of using the Timeline + Numeric Combo is by adjusting the range of dates displayed in the Timeline Column. By adding or changing the range of dates here, a number will be automatically be added/adjusted in the Duration Column that displays the total amount of days from your timeline range!



Combine existing Timeline Column with a duration

Do you have a Timeline Column already on your board that you'd like to use as part of the Timeline + Numeric Combo Column? Well, great news! You can now connect a previously added Timeline Column with a Numbers Column to display the duration of your dates in a breeze!

To do this, simply click on the three-dot menu to the right of your column name, select "Settings" and then "Connect with a duration":



Next, click into the drop-down to select a Numbers Column that exists on your board already, or to create a new one. The Numbers Column chosen here will act as the duration column, allowing you to instantly adjust the range of dates in your Timeline simply by inputting a number!




And, that's a wrap! We hope you enjoy using our brand new Timeline + Numeric Combo Column to instantly display a range of dates on your board.💥


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.