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File annotations



Here at monday.com, we put lots of value and emphasis on collaboration and communication, but why should that stop at your board? Take your teamwork one step further with file annotations! Work together with your team directly within your files and images so that everyone stays in the loop from start to finish. 🙌


Note: File annotations is open to users as a trial feature. In the future, this feature may require payment.


Create an annotation

To locate the annotations feature, you must first add images to a Files Column on your board. After clicking to preview one of the files from the File Column, you can then add an annotation by clicking on the "Comment" button at the bottom of the screen as so:




After clicking on this button, you will see the annotation editor appear on your screen. Simply select any part of your image and the editor will move there for you to type your update. Once you've written your update, press on the blue "Update" button to add it to your image and you're all set! 




Note: Currently, you can only make annotations on images, PDFs, and videos. Coming soon...other types of files as well! 


View your annotations

After adding an annotation to your image, you'll see a small blue circle appear with a number on it indicating that a comment is located there. The circles are numbered in the order in which the annotations are added. Hovering over a blue circle within your image will then display a preview of that given annotation:




By clicking on any of the blue annotation circles, you'll be able to seamlessly view all updates in one thread in the order that they were posted! You can also get here by clicking on the "Updates" button at the right of your screen:




From this same section, you can also reply to or like any annotation, and edit/delete an update that you posted. 🙌


Tip: Looking to upload and manage multiple versions of your files in one place? Check out our File versioning article to learn how this can be done!


Mention your team

Chances are that you're looking to converse with another teammate about different aspects of the photo when annotating an image. To facilitate communication between your team, you can "@ mention" any of your teammates (or a full team of users!) and they will be notified and directed right to your annotation.




Tip: To read more on how notifications work, check out this article.


Resolve an annotation

Have you or your teammates completed a suggestion or feedback that was given on one of your files? To seamlessly mark a comment on your annotation as resolved, simply open up that given annotation and click on the "Resolve" button as below!




Once an annotation has been marked as resolved, the numbered annotation will appear in green to indicate that the comment no longer needs to be worked on. 🙌




Edit or delete an update

If you are looking to edit or delete an annotation that has already been posted, simply click to open up that specific annotation. From there, select on the down-facing arrow and press "Edit update" or "Delete update for everyone" as you wish:




Annotate a video

You can now annotate directly on a video added to the Files Column! The process of reviewing and conversing about a video has never been easier. 🌟

To create a video annotation, click on a video file that has been uploaded to your Files Column. At any point in the video, you can click on the "Comment" button at the bottom of your screen to leave an annotation. Drag the cursor to the desired position, click, and type out your update!



With every annotation added, you'll see a small icon of the person who added it, in its specific timestamp underneath the video. Clicking on any of these icons will allow you to view all of the annotations as a thread on the right side of your screen!


When viewing the annotations in a thread, you can also click on any of the timestamps to direct you to that specific notification, too.




Annotations use case

The ways that you can use the image annotation feature are endless, especially when it comes to teams involved with creative or design processes! To see how this feature can be used in real-life, let's consider our "Creative team planning" board which is used to manage our creative projects at a high level, all while collaborating with our team and keeping everyone aligned at any given time.

On this board, we use the File Column to add each document/image that relates to the project being worked on:




An important part of our creative process is that the manager (indicated by the second People Column on our board) will review each image and add comments, so that the person in charge can go back in and edit them.


In order to achieve this, as soon as each project is ready for review, the manager will simply click into the respective image in the File Column, review the photo and add their comments.



Thanks to the image annotation feature, the image review and editing process has been made a breeze! 


Your feedback counts!

As always, we would love to hear what you think about the new features that we release! If you're interested in providing us with feedback on your experience with the new file annotations feature, you can do so by selecting "Give Feedback" as below:



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.