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Manage your sales' activities


Since client relationships are more than just emails, we’ve given you the power to keep track of all client activities with the Email & Activities app. From meetings, to calls and more, log each interaction to see a full timeline of events in one, concise view.


Install the app

To install the app, navigate to the board where you'd like to use it. Then, open any item's Updates Section by clicking on the speech bubble and then select "Add View": 



In the Item Views Center, hover over the icon for the Emails & Activities app and click "Add Widget":



Tip: If you are using monday CRM, the Emails and Activities app will automatically be added in the template boards. Learn more about it right here



Schedule activities

To schedule activities, choose "New" from the upper left corner of the app homepage. You can choose "Meeting" or "Add custom activity". You can even adjust the date and time:


And add notes beneath your chosen date and time. You have the option to use the text editor to customize and format your notes.


Log Notes

Log notes from meetings and phone calls to keep track of your evolving relationships. All notes are internal, meaning that only you and your teammates can see them.

To log a note, click on the "New" button in the upper left corner of the app home screen. Then click "Note" from the menu and start writing:



Add custom activities

With Emails & Activities, there are default activity types to choose from. You can add a "Meeting", write up a "Call summary", and write a "Note". You also have the option to create custom activities.

Show me how to create a custom activity
  • Step 1 - Click on the "New" button
  • Step 2 - Select "Add custom activity"
  • Step 3 - Name the activity
  • Step 4 - Choose the icon and the icon color
  • Step 5 - When you're done, click "Save activity"
  • Step 6 - Click on the "New" button to see your activity as one of the option of the list




To delete a custom activity, hover over the activity name in the "New" menu. A trash can icon will appear. Click on the trash icon to permanently delete the custom activity. You can only delete custom activities. You will not be able to delete the original three activity types.

Navigating the timeline

You can view your timeline below the "New" and "Send email" buttons at the top of the app. Your timeline will be broken down into two parts: "Previous" and "Upcoming". Any email or note will be in the "Previous" section. Any event that has been scheduled for a future date will be in the "Upcoming" section:

Group 2966.png

Click on the email, event, or activity icon to expand it.


Filtering activities

You can filter the timeline to only see the emails, notes, events, or activities that interest you. You have the option to choose a date for your filter. You can also choose multiple filters to see, for example, all emails sent in a given timeframe.


If you'd like to reset the filter, choose "Clear" to clear your selections.


Add automated emails 

You can add automated outgoing emails to your timeline by taking a few simple steps. First, use the guidelines in this article to set up the Emails & Activities app and connect your email address. Next, set up an Outlook or Gmail integration recipe on your board.


Finally, when you run the automation, the automated outgoing email will be added to your Emails & Activities timeline. The email will indicate that it was sent "via Automations":




App Settings

The app has four settings. You can find these settings by hovering over the title of the Emails & Activities tab. When you hover, a three-dot menu will appear to the right of the text.

Show me all the settings
  • Add to my favorites - The tab will move so that it's the second tab after the Updates tab.
  • Rename - Rename the tab as you see fit.
  • Delete - Emails & Activities will be removed from the entire board.
  • Set as board default - Emails & Activities will be moved to the first tab 



Can you sync activities from the activity board to your Google or Outlook calendar? And if new activities are added, will they automatically sync to the calendar?

You can sync individual activities to a calendar using the Calendar Integration. However, activities added to the board after the sync will not be added to the calendar automatically. We're working on making this possible.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!