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How to Create Column Permissions

Column permissions are meant to give the owner of the board the option to control which column can be seen and/or edited. This is especially helpful if you have some sensitive information you don't want some users to see.


Note:  These permissions are available on our Pro and Enterprise plans only.


How to restrict column edit

This permission allows you to restrict the edit access of columns on your board and choose who can edit it. This is really helpful when you want your team members and guests to be able to collaborate and update a board with the exception of only certain details. This way, you can maintain a good sense of transparency with your team, while making sure that only the right people can edit the right data on your boards.




How to restrict column view?

With this permission you can restrict the view access of columns on your board and choose who can see it. This will help you make sure that your team members and guests only see the data you'd like them to see, while keeping everything in one board instead of having to manage the same project on multiple boards at a time.



Note:  Tags and file columns are not supported with restricting column view. 


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