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The Tags Column


The Tags column allows you to list a number of keywords that will appear next to a hashtag symbol (#) in the Tags Column. This way, whenever you create a Tags Column for a Main Board in your account, you will have the same pool of tags to choose from to assign to any of your items on other Main Boards and you can easily search accross your entire account for a tagged key word!  #️⃣


How to add it

Add the Column by clicking the '+' to the right of your Columns and selecting "Tags" from the drop-down menu like this:


Note: If you do not see this column type in the dropdown menu, click on the 'More columns' button to access the full column center and search for this column type.


Next, click on any cell in your tags column and start adding your tags!



You can even add a Column Summary Footer! Click the arrow to the right of the Tags Column's name to launch the Column's settings menu and select "Show column summary" like this:


Now you'll find a footer at the bottom of the Tags Column in each group showing all of the tags used in the group! 



Note: Tags created in Main Boards will be shared across all other Main boards in your account! Shareable or Private Boards, on the other hand, keep their set of tags separate and unique to each board. However, searching a tag that appears on all board types will yield all results of that tag in Search Everything.


How it works

Use the search/filter bar to quickly view all relevant items by their tags! For example, you can type in the tag keyword (with or without the "#" before it) into the board’s search/filter bar to filter the results for all items using that tag, like we've done here:



This feature also really comes in handy when you type a "#" and the keyword into Search Everything and select "Tags" in the filter options. Additionally, clicking on any tag within your board will bring up the Search Everything results of this tag across different boards! Both of these options will yield all results for items with that same tag across all of the boards that you have access to, including Main, Private and Shareable boards.


Note: When using cross-board automations, you can map other column types into the Tag Column (ex: Status). However, the ability to map a Tag Column into other column types is not supported.


Edit a tag

To edit a tag, you can click on your "Search Everything" magnifying glass icon, located on the left pane above your profile picture. From there, select tags like this:


You will see the list of all the tags used across your monday.com account organized in alphabetical order. Click on the pencil located on the right of the name of your tag to edit the name or even the color:


Note: We currently do not have the option to delete a tag across your whole account. To do this, we have to go into each board and remove it each time it appears.


Mirror your Tags

You can use the Mirror Column to mirror associated tags in a different board! For example, below, we used the Connect Boards Column to link our high-level board to more detailed items in our low-level board. Then, we added the Mirror Column to mirror our Tags Column in our low-level board. Now, we can see all of the tags related to each item in our high-level board!


If we click the cell, we can see a clear breakdown of all of the tags related to that item. 


Use case 

Let’s say you have multiple boards with various tasks, and each board contains tasks from various clients. One of them could look like this:


If you want to find all the items associated with a certain client across all your Main Boards, you can create a Tags Column and type in each client name as a tag for the appropriate items, as shown above.

Once you enter the client’s name as a tag, you don’t have to keep typing in the full name as an option anymore. It will automatically show up as a choice from your preset list of tags, even on other Main Boards!


Now, you have a consistent way for you and your team to associate certain items with certain clients, even if they create their own Main Boards!





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.