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The People Column


Have you ever had a task slip through the cracks for far too long because nobody was sure who's responsibility it was? Well - no more! Add the People Column to your board to assign responsibility and accountability for each and every task your team needs to tackle!


How to add it

To add the People Column to your board, click on the '+' button on the far right of your board and select “People”. 



Assign people

To assign a team member to an item on your board, simply click the item's cell in the People Column and select one of the members of your account from the list in the pop-up window. To add additional people, simply click into the cell once again and continue adding as many as you want!



You can also assign entire teams (and also sub-teams!) to items using the People Column! Instead of selecting each team member one at a time, search for and select an entire team of users. To learn more about teams and how to create them in your account, check out this article


Note: You can only assign people using the People Column if they are members or guests in your account. 


The order of people displayed

You may be wondering "What is the order of the people displayed when going to assign someone in the People Column?". Well, that's a great question indeed! The order of the user's displayed goes as so:

  1. Board members who you've most recently interacted with
  2. Recent interactions who are not board members
  3. Board members who you haven't interacted with recently
  4. Workspace members


Customize it

  • Rename it

Once your People Column has been added to your board, you can rename it to reflect the purpose of the column. To change a column's name, we simply have to click the existing title, and begin typing a new one!



  • Restrict ownership

You can decide how many people can be assigned to each item through your column's settings! Click the arrow to the right of your People Column's name, and select "Column Settings" like this:


Now, you can choose to restrict ownership to only one, two, or three team members, or you can choose to make ownership unlimited! This means that entire teams, or even your whole account can work on a project together! 


Use Case:  Restricting ownership can be really useful when allowing your team members to sign up for things with limited space. For example, a shift that requires only two team members, or three volunteers to bring snacks to the next meeting!


View details of assigned people or teams

To view more details about the people or teams assigned through the People Column, all you have to do is hover over their icon within the column! By doing so, you'll see an "info card" appear for the assigned person or team to understand more about who is assigned to a given item.

  • When hovering over an assigned person, you'll see information such as their name, position, time zone, and contact details (email, phone number, etc.):



  • When hovering over an assigned team, you'll see details such as the name of the team and the names of all the members of that team:



Get notified 

Every person you assign to an item will receive a notification (according to their profile settings) so that they know exactly what their tasks are! 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.